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When You Wish Upon A Star - Superhero Day 2017

Ludworth Primary are proud to support Key 103 with their fundraising for the children's charity When You Wish Upon A Star. We were really lucky to receive some VIP visitors who joined us for our Assembly.

Ludworth Eggstravaganza 2017

Our last day of term and what a day! The eggy creations were phenomenal this year, and during the morning the children had lots of Easter fun in the playground playing games, and munching lots of sweets.

World Reading Day 2017 - Ludworth Primary

Please take a look at the book related fun we had on World Book Day 2017.

World Book Day- Extreme Reading


Here are the photos we have received so far of your fantastic EXTREME READING!

Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017

Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 1
Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 2
Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 3
Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 4
Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 5
Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 6
Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 7
Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 8
Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017 9

Ludworth Maths Day 2017

On the 16th February 2017 Ludworth Primary School celebrated maths day. This year the maths topic was time. All of the children got split into year groups starting with Reception and Year 1 and ending with years 4, 5 and 6. All of the children had a wonderful time celebrating this special day.


Reception and Year 1

First of all, the Reception and Year 1s started off by splitting themselves into groups named after each of the seasons.

In Mrs Gregg’s classroom, they had to help the ladybird to tell the time. They had to draw a ladybug clock and write the time on it.

In Mrs Naughton’s classroom they had to get the days of the week and order them. They made days of the week fans by making each of the slips of paper say a different day of the week.

After that, the teams moved on to Mrs Everett’s classroom where they made a huge collage with colours representing each of the seasons.

The final activity in KS1 was in Miss Kossowska’s classroom where the Reception and Year 1s got out the stop watches and timed what they could do. From star jumps to building blocks, that must have been a fun classroom!


Year 2 and 3

With the KS2 classes everyone got mixed up and were put in groups. In Mrs Welsh’s classroom the children were busy making sun dials. Unfortunately they didn’t work as there was no sun!

They then went to Miss Pond’s. In Miss Pond’s they were busy making a timeline all about history.

After that they went to Mrs Storey's room and played a busy game of bingo. The bingo was all about clocks and what time they could read.


Years 4, 5 and 6

This busy year group got themselves into groups and started off by doing some French months with Mrs Hankey and Madame Telfer they also made some valentines cards.

They then went to do reactions with Mr Jackson and timed that using milliseconds. They had to drop a ruler and what centimetre they landed on that was how many milliseconds it was worth and how quick their reactions were.

The next stop was with Miss Thomas where they made up a new TV guide featuring some of their favourite programs.

After that they went to Mrs Morrison where they did some sports but with a difference. They had to use time to measure the distances they ran jumped and hopped.

After this they went to Mrs Davies’ where they found two apps on time and had to review how good it was, after they had to give it a rating out of 5.

The next and final activity was with Mrs Donoghue where they had to draw drippy clocks hanging off something that they liked. This activity was a mix of art, maths and geography.


By Daisy and Gina Year 6

Ludworth Math-magician Day 2017

Our annual day celebrating the fun of maths.

World Book Day


Here are the two Reading Bingo Cards mentioned in the World Book Day letter. Please remember to take lots of pictures and send them to and I will post the pictures on here for us all to enjoy.