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Welcome to our class!

We are very excited about our new topic this term....Cooking Up a Storm.

We have been learning about how to create a healthy, balanced meal by looking at different food groups and how they help our bodies to be healthy. We have had an exciting time learning how to cook new dishes from around the world. Mr Lilly has also been talking to us about his work as a Radiographer and we enjoyed meeting Leonard and Anna-Lucy!



Picture 1 "I love my stir-fry!"
Picture 2 "I thought I wouldn't like it....but it's yummy!"
Picture 3 "Best pizza ever!"
Picture 4 Working together to make Guacamole
Picture 5 Delicious Mexican dips
Mr Lilly came into class to talk to us about his job as a Radiographer. He showed the children x-rays and scans to help them understand about our bodies and how the skeleton works. The children had lots of questions to ask him and really enjoyed the experience. They especially like handling Anna-Lucy's internal organs! Don't worry - she was only a plastic model!
Picture 1 This is Leonard the Skeleton
Picture 2 Anna-Lucy was full of interesting things!
Picture 3 Mr. Lilly taught us about our bodies.
Picture 1 Our class councillors
Our School councillors help us to have a voice in school. They listen to our ideas and meet with out headteacher to talk about how to make our school a better place. We follow the Ludworth Lighthouse which helps us to do our best in school and to be able to lead ourselves.
Picture 1 Ludworth Leaders
Picture 1 All together on the last day of the Autumn term!