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This term Year 6 have been writing short horror stories and producing some fantastic art work to accompany their masterpieces.

They hope you enjoy reading their stories but remember to keep the light on!

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Tentacles by Charlie Yr6

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Dance Workshop Jan- Feb 2017

Yr. 5/6 have started a four week Dance Workshop with the Premier Education Group. They are working to create a series of dances based on Ancient Greece, as part of their topic of Ancient Civilisations. In groups, the children have been choreographing different parts of the performance, which they are then teaching to the rest of the class to produce a whole class dance. We are hoping to showcase the work to the whole school once completed.

Yr5.6 Dance

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Visit to Z Arts

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By Daisy Sackville-Ford


Recently  the year 6’s visited The  Z-Arts centre - to watch Michel Rosen.


It was absolutely amazing!


As we went through the auditorium doors, the whole class was buzzing with anticipation. When we had got seated and were all  settled, Michel Rosen himself entered through the theatre doors, wearing very  casual clothes.  He looked like he was Going on a Bear Hunt  and placed himself  in the middle of the shimmering stage where the spotlight shone above him! 


The place was buzzing with excitement...


 First he made the whole bursting audience laugh out loud, when he told us all a story about when he was a boy in the Stone Age time.

Then he told us a little poem called: ‘This is the hand,’ which was of course all about his  hand. The other thing Michel was ever so good at was involving the audience.


Mrs Sheldon(Teaching Assistant) said: “It was fantastic how he involved the audience.”

Miss Green, a teacher from another school,  had come to sign for one of her pupils  and  Michel tried to involve her as much as he could.

it was hilarious when he made her carry the pretend television across the stage!


 At the very end, four lucky children got to go on  the stage to meet Michel and to have their photo taken  with him. They were our Head boy and Head girl Lily and Nathan, our news reporters Charlie and Ella.


Michel Rosen was ever so fantastic; when we left everyone in our class was talking about the spectacular and enjoyable visit to the Z-Arts centre - to the one and only Michel Rosen!



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100 Books to Read Before You Leave Year 6

Our Year 5 and 6 children have worked together and come up with a list of 100 books to read before you leave Year 6. The list is a recommendation only, and includes books that the children believe their peers will find both interesting and challenging. Please take a look at the list below.