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Comms Strategy

Communication Strategy

  • Class Teachers -The Forest School leader is responsible for evaluating each session and feeding this information back to the Class Teacher where relevant. Any behavioural issues will be dealt with by the Forest School leader but fed back to the Class Teacher for their information.
  • Site Manager - The Forest School leader will inform the Site Manager of any hazards or concerns about the Forest School site. The Forest School leader will inform the Site Manager when a fire is to be lit in Forest School. The Forest School leader will confirm Fire Safety arrangements with the Site Manager. The Site Manager will communicate any hazards on the site or around the perimeter before a session commences. The Site Manager is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Forest School site and its perimeter.
  • Head Teacher - The Forest School leader will regularly update the Head Teacher on the progress of the Forest School sessions and will ensure the safety and well-being of the children at all times.
  • Helpers/Assistants - The Forest School leader will introduce themselves to any helpers or assistants before the sessions begin.An overview of the ethos of Forest School will follow, and the Handbook will be given to them for their perusal. The Forest school leader will check the helper/assistant’s CRB credentials and log the reference number in the Handbook for future reference. The helper/assistant will be responsible for acquainting themselves with the procedures and protocol in the Handbook, and will sign to confirm that they understand their roles and responsibilities. The Forest School leader will familiarise the helper/assistant with the planning for the session ahead. The helper/assistant will feed any observations back to the Forest School leader at the end of the session so that planning for the next session can be informed.
  • Parents/Carers - The Forest School leader will send letters to parents/carers of children who it is felt would benefit from participating in Forest School sessions. This letter will inform them of the benefits of Forest School learning and why the school feels that it is an important aspect of our school curriculum. It will detail the sorts of activities the children will take part in. The letter will also outline the necessity of providing appropriate clothing and footwear for these sessions. Parents. Parents who require further information will be invited to contact the Forest School Leader, who will happily provide this. Parents will be asked to sign and return a consent form giving specific consent for their child to take part in the Forest School sessions.
  • Wider school community – Forest School Leader will keep and maintain a section on the school website giving full information concerning Forest School provision at the school. Regular updates and interesting stories and pictures will disseminate using school newsletters and social media. (In accordance with school policies.)