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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders Programme aims to empower children, to champion digital citizenship and digital creativity within their schools.

A Digital Leader is a pupil who is part of a Digital Leaders’ Team within a school, whose role it is to support the use and further the development of the Computers and digital learning etc.

Having been assembled through an application process, the Digital Leaders meet regularly with on-going training and support given to develop specific areas of iPads and laptops etc.

Teachers often wish they had an extra pair of hands, especially when they find the keyboard has shed some of its letters, a student can't find the app they need on their tablet, and the printer is on the blink.

Digital leaders can help to embed the use of technology across the school. They attend regular meetings, support other pupils, teach members of staff, run assemblies and other whole-school events and lead on improvements in e-safety provision. It is a very high-profile and challenging role.


Ben and Oliver (Digital Leaders)