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Eco Club

Ludworth Primary is proud to be a part of Eco-Schools, an international programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey. This provides us with a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of our school life.


We have a group of Eco Warriors who are volunteers from Year 6. They attend regular meetings through the year. Our Eco Warriors are responsible for agreeing, developing and implementing the green agenda throughout the school. They are then in charge of communicating any initiatives back to the classes and ensuring everyone follows best practice. Every week, the Eco Warriors are responsible for all the recycling in the school.


The Eco Warriors worked hard to develop the Eco Code. It is displayed in every classroom and sets out our school’s sustainable priorities:

Ludworth Primary School Eco School Code


Recycling and Re-using

  • We will recycle and re-use everything we can.


  • We will re-use scrap paper and save plain paper for school work. Every class will continue to use their recycling bin and these will be regularly emptied. We will use fruit bins in the playground and in classrooms for any waste which can be composted. We will collect any waste vegetables from the kitchen which we will also use for compost. We will put our drinks in re-usable bottles instead of throwaway containers and will look into the possibilities for recycling plastic bottles. We will choose re-usable bags over plastic bags whenever we can. We will use things that we find in nature for our art wherever possible.



  • We will not use any more electricity than we need.


  • We already have lights with sensors in many classrooms and we will turn lights off in other rooms. We will turn off computers, projectors and Smart Boards when we are not using them and pupils will help teachers by reminding them at the end of lessons. We will not use any more than we need of equipment like pencils, glue sticks etc. This means taking care of all property and being careful to put things away correctly.


Looking After Wildlife and our Environment

  • We want our school to be welcoming and safe for all types of wildlife.


  • We will help to protect our wildlife by clearing away all rubbish and litter which could put them in danger. We will be careful not to break branches off trees so that we preserve the habitats of birds, squirrels and other creatures. We will set up feeding places for birds and other creatures. We will plant new plants each year to attract insects and birds as well as providing new habitats and making our environment more attractive. We will also plant fruit and vegetables to encourage healthy lifestyles and help our learning in Science.


Reducing Car Use

  • We will try to reduce our carbon footprint by walking, cycling and using public transport to get to school whenever possible. We will encourage our families to avoid travelling by car whenever possible or to share the journey with other people. We have a cycle rack for pupils’ bicycles which we will maintain.


Awareness and Education

  • We will have a page on our website dedicated to eco-schools and we will keep this updated to let everyone know what we are doing. We will keep all pupils and teachers informed through assemblies and posters.


  • Teachers will make sure that children learn about ecological issues in all key stages. We will use cross curricular methods but work will be particularly focused in Reception in “Holes”, in Year 1 in “The Global Garden, in Year 2 in “Down at the bottom of the garden”, in Year 3 & 4 in “Cooking up a storm” and in year 5 & 6 in “Plagues and Disasters”.