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Food at Forest School

Staff must ensure that all hygiene and food safety procedures are followed:

  • Ensure that medical notes are checked and that staff are aware of any allergies / intolerance .
  • Ensure that medication / Epi-pen is on site if need.
  • A cool bag /box should be used to store and transport food.
  • Food that contains meat, fish, dairy products, cereal, rice, pulses, veg etc. should be kept cold, at or below 8ºc.
  • Food to be cooked should be heated to above 63ºc.
  • Adult to check that all cooked items in particular meat are cooked through before they are eaten.
  • Raw meat should be stored cold separately from cooked foods, cereals, dairy products and other foods which will not be cooked.
  • All persons handling food for preparation or consumption must thoroughly wash their hands before doing so with soap and water.
  • Care should be taken that food and hot drinks have cooled sufficiently before consumption. Particularly sugary items such as marshmallows.
  • Ensure that all fire safety controls are complied with.
  • Ensure that all implements used are clean before use and that they are cleaned and stored correctly after use.
  • Ensure that all knife use in cookery is compliant with school cookery policy and that the bridge grip method is used.