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Health and Safety

The health and safety of all taking part, are paramount considerations when planning any activity that takes place within the designated site. Prior to any activity the Forest School Leader must ensure that all relevant risk assessments have been completed and that all identified risks have been reasonably managed and communicated to all those participating. The site specific risk assessment which includes generic hazards on site and activity risk assessments are available at the end of this document.


The Forest School Leader will be responsible for ensuring that they have read all participants medical notes, and that they are in his/her possession. Also that any prescribed medication such as inhalers and epi-pens are in his/her possession and safely stored throughout the session.  The Forest School Leader will be the designated First Aider throughout the session and will have a suitable First Aid Kit including burns treatment items with her/him at all times. This information will be clearly communicated to all those involved, prior to the start of the activity.


Essential Equipment for each Forest Schools session will be kept in the Emergency or Happy Bag.


All adults should be aware of their duties and responsibilities and must be adequately qualified and trained to undertake the activities planned. When lighting any open fires staff and children should follow the procedures laid down in the Ludworth Primary Fire Lighting Policy. This is available at the end of this document.


All tools and equipment should be stored safely and adequate training given to all for their proper use. The leader or practitioner must ensure that effective maintenance procedures are followed. The Ludworth Primary Tool Safety Policy is attached.


All staff and children must wear and use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for the planned activity and the time of year. This is detailed on the attached Tool and Fire Policy documents.


All staff must be fully aware of the school’s emergency and critical incident procedures.  Accidents should be reported via the school’s standard written accident form. Near miss incidents should be reported.


A specific insurance policy which covers Forest School activities over and above those covered by the normal school policy has been obtained from Birbeck Insurance. A copy of the schedule and certificate is held in the school office.