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Learning and Development

Our Forest School aims are:

  • To provide an opportunity for individuals to develop, to learn and to enjoy themselves.

  • To provide a safe and non-threatening environment in which children can take risks, make choices and initiate their own learning.

  • To help children understand, appreciate and care for the natural environment.

  • To provide ways of developing practical life skills in an outdoor environment.

  • To develop self-esteem, confidence and a positive disposition to learning, through the completion of small, achievable tasks.

  • To meet the needs of children with all learning styles

  • To develop social and team working skills

  • To enable children to be independent, self-motivated and considerate.

  • To be true to the forest school ethos and approach

  • To develop a secure, happy and welcoming environment.

  • To provide stimulation and varied learning activities appropriate to the child’s needs and stages of development.

  • To help each child build self-esteem, confidence, independence and self-control and interpersonal skills.


All adults at Forest School will model appropriate behaviour and safe practices, whilst interacting with the children and each other. Boundaries are shared, promoting positive reinforcement and choices and consequences discussed. They will:

  • Promote the safety and well-being of the children at all times
  • Carry out necessary risk assessments
  • Carry a first aid kit in the ‘emergency rucksack’ and administer first aid as required
  • Create a positive learning environment, based on each child’s needs
  • Encourage good relationships, based on respect of each other
  • Promote, honesty, politeness and kindness through example
  • Use encouraging language and show appreciation of each child’s contributions and effort
  • Ensure fair treatment and equality for all attending, regardless of age, gender, ability or race, in line with the school’s Equality Policy.