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Year 5/6 Netball Teams at Marple Hall 
Y5/6 Hockey Final 
Year 3,4,5,6 Girls Football at Brabyns Prep
Tri Golf Y3/4 team and Y5/6 team
Y5/6 Athletics Final
Year 4/5 Girls and Boys Swimming Gala

Year 3/4 Girls Football

Hockey Tournament 
Young Ambassador Conference
Friendly Football match against Brabyns Prep School

Sport Hall Athletics Event at Marple Hall School

Metro Cup Football Match away at Hursthead Junior School

Athletics Competition at Sport City

Year 6 and Year 7 Athletics Competition 


On Wednesday 11th October a team went to Sport City and competed in both field and track events against teams from all over Greater Manchester. We were on a team with Rose Hill Primary and Marple Hall School and came 3rd overall. 

Give us a Smile... we are looking after our wellbeing and kick-starting P.E. and Physical Development this year together!

Give Us A Smile for a MILE!!!


On Friday 27th September the whole of Ludworth Primary took part in the Greater Manchester 'Smile for a Mile' event. 

From Reception to Year 6 we all went out and either ran, hopped, skipped and/or jumped a mile as we smiled.


We thought about the importance of keeping fit, active, being mindful of our wellbeing and leading a healthy lifestyle. It was a whole school effort and we all encouraged and supported each other to complete the challenge!


Physical Education



On Wednesday 12th July, a team of Y5/6 went to the Greater Manchester Games to represent our school and Stockport in Athletics! 



On Wednesday 5th July, a team of 10 talented year 5/6's went to the Greater Manchester Games to compete in Golf! They had previously won the other 2 rounds and were into the last one. There were schools from across Manchester and they had all done amazingly in other rounds as well. It was going to be tough!


They worked together through different stations, each one had a task that required skill, pace and teamwork. Everyone did fantastically and worked well as a team. The stations consisted of a variety of challenges that pushed them to their limits. After a tiring day, it was finally time to reveal the results...


Ludworth came an astonishing 2nd! The best in the school this year, well done!


By the Sports Reporters





Sports week started on the 26th of June 2017! It was a great week that let children participate in many sports and activities.


Monday started off with the fantastic fun run! Children from every year ran in their years across the course and showed their talent and skill in running. The races were full of joy and excitement. It was a great start to the week. Year 5/6 then experienced the thrills of Kick-Boxing and Boxing which were both incredible and full of adrenaline. Whilst that was taking place year 3/4 were doing Rounders and Cricket they were brilliant and local as well. A brilliant start to the week!


Tuesday was full of many events taking place across the school to start off 5/6 did Football and Street dance which were action-packed and inspiring. Meanwhile 3/4 took part in Basketball with a local coach that was like every other sport, amazing. Year 1/2 were taking part in Kick Boxing and thoroughly enjoyed every second. Reception did a multi-sport challenge that included tennis, hockey and many more interesting and fun sports. What a day!


On Wednesday, 5/6 had a busy day doing Yoga, Taekwondo, Designing pennants and Ultimate Frisbee. All were amazing and many people were inspired to join their clubs. 3/4 took part in Dance Stars, Kick Boxing, Football and Gymnastics, once again they were very exiting. Whilst that was happening year 1/2 had a try at doing Multi-skills and Tennis. It was an amazing day!


P.E was on Thursday with Mr Brownrig. Most of the school had lessons, it was interesting but more importantly lots of fun! 5/6 then got to have a skydiving talk and were even able to hold and try on 3 helmets! Year 1/2 did Cheerleading and Parachute games, all were great fun. Finally Reception did some kick Boxing to end a fantastic day!


The final day consisted of Basketball and Badminton for the 5/6's. Meanwhile 3/4 did sports PowerPoints. 1/2 did pennants and Receptions did football.

All in all it was a fantastic week for all of the school, even the Teachers! Thank you Mr Jackson for organizing this amazing week!


By the Sports Reporters




On Thursday 18th May, a team of  20 girls and boys went to Woodbank Park to compete in an Athletics tournament. They were up against schools from across Stockport. Each child participated in 4 events each: 75m sprint, 600m or 400m, javelin and long jump. Unfortunately the weather was against them but they manged to power through the harsh conditions. 


After a  few rounds Ludworth had manged to get a  number of wins. Both 3/4s' and 5/6s' did amazingly and had great day! Year 3/4 managed to come a fabulous 3rd! And 5/6 managed to come 2nd! Well Done!


By the Sports Reporters


On Friday 12th May, the whole of year 6 went to Marple Hall to compete in a friendly rounders' tournament. They were split into 4 teams; A team, B team, C team and D team who all battled through harsh conditions. Despite that Team A managed to win all of their tough matches. Closely followed by all of the other teams, with them winning a lot of their matches too!


They were up against all of the local schools from around Marple. After all of the matches were played they added up each schools total score. In the end our fantastic year sixes won and came back not just wet but extremely proud.


By the Sports Reporters 


On Thursday 27th of April, the Ludworth team travelled to Stockport Academy to take part in the golf final. They faced 13 teams from Stockport, each had previously qualified by coming in the top two of the first local event. Our Ludworth team had won their first competition, and came into the second full of confidence. They took part in a series of different rounds each using different skills including: putting, chipping, aiming and ball control.


As this was the final round before the Greater Manchester Summer Games, the standard was very high. All of the teams competing were here to win! They battled through some tough moments, but they managed to come... 1st! Which therefore means they will be moving on to the Greater Manchester Summer Games. Well done to our super golf players: Lily Edwards, Daisy Sackville-Ford, Tamsin Potts, India Bainbridge, Sofia Hankey, Jacob Chew, Sam Burrows, Harry Meanwell, Zack Waterhouse and Teddy Parry.


By the Sports Reporters 


On Tuesday 25th April, 8 girls and 8 boys went to Aquinas College to participate in a football event. They played against teams from Stockport; each team competing in 4 matches. They were all tough and it was a hard game for every team. Scores for both teams were tremendous, with them scoring lots of goals. In the end both teams won overall and will be competing in the next round for medals and a chance to go through to the Greater Manchester Summer Games!


Our magnificent players were: Alice Foster, Tamsin Potts, Daisy Sackville-Ford, Sofia Hankey, Holly Taylor, India Berry, Jasmine Yates, Olivia Yates, Alex Harden, Guy Stewart, Sam Lowe, Harry Meanwell, Freddy Knot, Sam Foster, Alex Taylor, Ethan Bass.


By the Sports Reporters



On Wednesday 29th March, 8 girls went to Stockport Academy to compete in the girls year 4/5 football finals. They had previously come 3rd in the first round to secure a place against some tough teams in the final. The matches were played 7-a-side, and were 6-7 minutes long. The games were exhausting but the girls managed to put up a fight and did very well in the end.


The teams were from all over Stockport and had all qualified for the final. There were 6 teams in total and each was there to try and win for their school. Unfortunately the girls did not qualify for the Greater Manchester Summer Games. The wonderful players were: Alice Foster, Tamsin Potts, Gina Elliott-Johnson, Eva Rushton, Ella Foster, Polly Sackville-Ford, Jasmine Whittaker, Natasha Williams. 


By the Sports Reports



On Tuesday 21st March, 6 children went to the Etihad Stadium to compete in the Greater Manchester Games. They played a total of 10 matches each around 8-10 minutes long. The competition was tough but they played magnificently even with a few injuries. The end result was amazing, with 8 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw. This resulted in a joint silver medal! Well done Hockey team.



On the same day, 4 girls participated in the Greater Manchester swimming gala. They each did 3 races. 1 individual, 1 4x1 medley relay and 1 freestyle relay. They did extremely well and were great role models for the school. Overall, the swimming team did fantastic and came 4th. Well done Swimming team!


The Greater Manchester Games were amazing and we are very proud of their results!


By the Sports Reporters


The Ludworth Hockey team getting in some last minute practice before the Greater Manchester Games.


On Thursday 9th March a team of year 5/6 boys and girls went to the hockey finals they came in with a lot of confidence after winning the local competition. They played 6 matches; 4 in their group, 1 semi-final and a final all of which were 7-10 minutes long. Their first 4 matches went well and they made it through to the semi-final. In the semi-finals, they pushed through and won 4-1. In the final they persevered but unfortunately lost. Our outstanding players were: Jasmine Yates, Olivia Yates, Luca Sheppard, Guy Stewart, Ethan Bass, Holly Taylor.


By the Sports Reporters



On Tuesday  14th February, 8 girls and 8 boys went to Aquinas College to compete. They were up against some tough competition, but battled through and won the majority of their matches. The girls played 5 matches each 5-7 minutes long, whilst the boys played 7 matches each 4 or 5 minutes long.


The top 3 teams overall from the girls moved on to the next round, whereas in the boys it was only the top 2. The boys came an amazing 4th but sadly did not get through. Fortunately, the girls got through coming an outstanding 3rd. There will be another tournament for the girls; hopefully they do well enough to make it to the final round.


By the Sports Reporters


On Tuesday the 7th of February, 10 children from year 5/6 went to Marple Hall to compete in a Tri Golf Competition. There were 6 other schools all competing to go through to the next round. Instead of trying to get the balls in the hole the teams had to use skills like putting and chipping to get it in hoops. There were quite a few rounds and each one was different in some kind of way. Some of these were: trying to hit the ball through a set of cones, pushing the ball through other teammates legs. Everybody did amazingly, and managed to come... 1st! That then means that they move on to the next round. 

Our brilliant players were: Polly Sackville-Ford, Daisy Sackville-Ford, India Bainbridge, Lily Edwards, Jasmine Yates, Freddie Knot, Sam Burrows, Jacob Chew, Zack Waterhouse and Teddy Parry.


By the Sports Reporters





On Tuesday the 31st of January, 20 children from year 5/6 went to Bramhall High School to compete in the indoor athletics final. Each person took part in 3 or 4 events throughout the whole tournament. There were field and track events and everyone did at least one of each. All the schools competing at the final, had previously won or came 2nd in a local tournament. We were one of the top schools there as we had already won the local competition at Marple Hall. 


We all persevered through and won a few events, whilst coming 2nd and 3rd in other events. In the end we came together and achieved 3rd place out of 15 schools. Unfortunately we just missed out on going through to the Manchester Games as only the top two teams move on. The boys team consisted of: Sam Lowe, Guy Stewart, Ben Spreckley, Ben Parlett, Harry Meanwell, Ethan Bass, Sam Burrows, William Hatton, Daniel Bostock and Luca Sheppard. The girls team was: Tamsin Potts, Alice Foster, Sofia Hankey, Ella Foster, Gina Elliott-Johnson, Jasmine Yates, Polly Sackville-Ford, Daisy Sackville-Ford, Holly Taylor and India Berry.


By the Sports Reporters


On Thursday 19th January, a team of 4 girls and 3 boys participated in a lacrosse tournament at Hazel Grove High school. Each person played in 3 or 4, 5-a-side games. There were 10 schools competing all for fun, from around the local area. Although the team may have lost some matches, they managed to persevere throughout.

They all pushed themselves to the limits and were fantastic! Putting in not just effort, but hard work and determination. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially Mr Jackson! There was also news that there would be another lacrosse tournament coming up soon, with a lot more teams from different areas each competing for the win!

Our super players were: Tamsin Potts, Alice Foster, Sofia Hankey, Eva Rushton, Luca Sheppard, Dominic Bevanger and Sam Foster. Well done to all of them!


By the Sports Reporters

Individual Physical Activity Challenge
All KS2 children will receive the Individual Physical Activity booklet on Friday 20th January. The booklet contains all the sports which Britain won a gold medal in at the Rio Olympics. Each sport has a bronze, silver and gold challenge which the children can complete. When a challenge has been completed for each sport the booklet must be handed back in to the office. Every child who completes a booklet will receive a certificate and three children will be drawn out of a hat to win one of three prizes.
Run it, Jump it, Throw it, to London 2017 Family Challenge

All families are invited to take part in the family challenge. Families will record over the next few months all the family activities they do. You will compete against other families at Ludworth and also other families from a number of schools in Stockport. The competition will run in partnership with Decathlon Stockport and all families which enter the competition will receive a map to record their progress and claim a "goody bag" from Decathlon. The competition will start on Friday 20th January and the deadline to finish will be June 9th.

To enter please email, with the following information:

  • Names and ages of children in the family
  • Schools they attend

Good luck!