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Forest School Leaders and practitioners should regard their duty of care when working with young persons as extremely important. To ensure all individuals (children, staff and volunteers) are safe and protected the following policies will be followed :-

  • Written consent will be obtained from the Parents or Carers of any children before they can take part in Forest Schools activities.
  • Everyone involved in Forest School will be fully briefed on health and safety, risk assessment of sites and activities. Staff and volunteers should be made aware of the relevant school policies and ensure that they adhere to the guidance contained in them.
  • Staffing to child ratios will be a maximum of 1:6 for KS1 and 1:8 for KS2.
  • Members of staff will have received Safeguarding Training.
  • Forest School Leaders will have an enhanced level DBS check. It is strongly recommended that any regular volunteer attending Forest School should also have this. Where a volunteer or member of staff does not hold a current DBS check certificate then they should not be left unsupervised with children.
  • Vulnerable groups are those under the age of 18 and those people of all ages with a disability or with a diagnosed mental health problem.
  • Any concerns about a child’s physical or mental wellbeing should be shared with the schools named Safeguarding Officer, and a cause for concern sheet will be filled in as soon as possible, so that the schools Safeguarding policy can then be followed.
  • We regard safety and good practice as extremely important and it is the responsibility of individual staff and volunteers to ensure general health and safety of themselves and others during Forest School sessions.
  • Parents/carers at Ludworth Primary School have given their consent for photographs to be taken and used for staff development as well as school website and twitter. There are only very few children who are not to be photographed. Check this list prior to sessions.