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Viking Villages

As part of our History and Geography topic, we have been investigating not only why The Vikings invaded Britain, but also why they decided to stay (settle). 

We used natural resources to recreate a Viking village; thinking about having a river (water for cooking, cleaning and drinking), hills (for protection) flat land (to farm on) and woodland (for building materials) nearby. We really enjoyed collecting the resources from around the school grounds and then making our natural 3D models. Next week, we plan to make maps of our villages using symbols and a key. 

Viking Villages

Viking Villages 1
Viking Villages 2
Viking Villages 3
Viking Villages 4
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As you can see, mostly natural materials were used in Mrs Naughton's classroom, with just a little cheating! We thoroughly enjoyed building our villages though, carefully considering in our groups how we would arrange the settlement around the water source, what protection would be needed from marauding Anglo-Saxons and so on. You might even be able to spot some communal fire-pits, wells and farms in our villages.

We love singing!

We love singing! 1

We've been learning some songs about The Vikings with our singing teacher from Stockport Music Service!


Dragon Ships



Ay! Oh! Ay! Oh!



Dragon ships

Speed across the Sea,

What belongs to you

Will soon belong to me.



Dragon ships

Cutting through the waves,

We'll rob you of your wealth,

We'll grab ourselves some slaves.





Dragon ships

Looming through the fog,

We murder and we maim,

And we'll treat you like a dog.



Dragon ships

Stop us if you dare,

We'll set your home ablaze,

We'll leave your bodies there.


Viking Rock!


We're the Vikings on a raid, yeah!

Christian monks better be afraid, yeah!

Longships sail from the Northern shores

Better run!

And we land in Britain  with a great big roar!

Better hide!

We'll take your gold and we'll take your chains

And we'll make you thralls to the mighty Danes!



Viking Rock!

Viking Roll!

Raiders from the North in the days of old.

Viking Rock!

Viking Roll!

With the power of Odin and the (clap clap) love of gold. 

Ludworth Goes Global!


This week Year 3/4 have travelled across the globe through their learning.


During the first half of the week the children found out about Denmark, Sweden and Norway - these countries are collectively known as Scandinavia and are the homeland of The Vikings. Each class conducted research and activities about one of the countries and then then shares their knowledge across the year group in a fact swap!

Did you know that lots of the Disney films are based on stories written in Denmark?

Did you know that Forest Schools first started in Sweden?

Did you know that Norway only has 6 hours of daylight in the winter?


Later in the week, the children were immersed in some cultural activities from New Zealand, India and Mexico!

They performed their own Haka, just like the New Zealand Rugby team (Mr Tennant's favourite sport). Then they took part in some Indian meditation and bhangra dancing (Miss Thomas visited India in the summer). Finally, they made decorations for the Mexican Festival of the Dead (Spanish is the most spoken language in Mexico - Mrs Naughton is fluent in Spanish).

Ludworth Goes Global

Ludworth Goes Global 1 Forest Schools started in Sweden!
Ludworth Goes Global 2 Indian meditation!
Ludworth Goes Global 3 Sharing our learning about Scandinavian countries!
Ludworth Goes Global 4
Picture 1 We learnt about the Northern Lights & made our own
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 "papel picado" comes from Mexico