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Year 3/4

Newsletter - Autumn 1 2017

Key Words - these spellings and their associated spelling rules are taught throughout Year 3 and 4

Learn Its - Children should know ALL of these facts by the end of Year 4!

Welcome to Year 3 and 4 2017- 2018.

Year 3/4 Team: Miss Thomas, Mr Tennant, Mrs Naughton, Mrs Riddell, Mrs Mackinnon,

 Mr Templar, Mrs Flanagan, Mrs Parry.



Lama Class -taught by Mrs Naughton and Mrs Riddell

Bolt Class – taught by Mr Tennant

Glennie Class – taught by Miss Thomas


We have already made an excellent start to the new term by learning all about our class namesakes and our new classmates. The Year 3/4 team have been busy planning an active, engaging and fun curriculum for the children to take part in; we hope they enjoy all the opportunities they are given and continue to work towards their personal targets across the curriculum.


Our classes are made up of children in both Year 3 and Year 4. We stay with our classes for all subjects, apart from Maths.


Topic: Our main topic is The Vikings. We will learn about who The Vikings were, where they came from and how their lives differed to ours. Our studies will explore the impact they had on the UK. In science, we will be learning about different rocks and soils and forces around us.


English Focus: This term in English, we will be focusing on sentence construction, varied punctuation marks and spelling rules and how to combine these in a variety of narrative genres. We will also be working hard to present our writing in a clear and joined manner in order to earn a handwriting pen.


Maths Focus: We split the children 3 ways for Maths - this is to ensure that ALL children are set work that is at their level and will help them make the maximum progress through the year. We will start the term with place value skills and then move onto methods for mental and written addition and subtraction. We will also be trying to learn our ‘Learn its’ and beat our Big Maths score.


Things to help at home:


· Read every night


· Practise ‘Learn its’


· Practise spelling rules.


· Help your child to learn to tell the time on both digital and analogue clocks


· Homework is due in on Thursdays every week.


· Ensure your child knows which day they need PE kit and homework on and encourage them to organise these themselves.