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Autumn A - Dear Fairy Godmother

Week 6

This week we looked at a different text which was about children around the world. We set up activities around the room which linked to a page of the book. The children learnt about similarities and differences for how we live in comparison to children around the world. We looked at different types of houses, clothing and food. We learnt so much!

Week 4

This week’s focus was the gingerbread man. We watched a video which showed the gingerbread man in our classroom! We used our investigation skills to look for clues. In Science we tested gingerbread men in water, we noticed how they went soggy in water. We also iced gingerbread men, we had to count the amount of buttons. Our classroom smelt of gingerbread all week from the gingerbread playdough and salt!!

Week 3

This week we met the Ugly Duckling. We found out he was feeling very sad and so we thought of ways to cheer him up. We decided to make him cards with pictures and writing. Our writing is getting better everyday! In P.E we did races and parachute games. It was lots of fun working together as a team!

Week 2

This was our first week of going into the Magic Story Box. We met the fairy godmother who gave us some challenges for the week. Around the room were a range of different fairy themed activities. We working on our cutting skills with designing our own fairies and had different glittery ingredients to mark make in. We have enjoyed getting to know the different areas in the rooms. 

Week 1

Our first week in school has been lots of fun. This week we have learnt lots about the school routine. We had a trip around the school to visit the different classrooms and areas. We also learnt how to get our lunches using the touchscreen. We have started to mark make different patterns and numbers. We are looking forward to the rest of our time at school!