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Fraction Fun

Racing to find fraction and decimal equivalents.

Using our problem solving skills to spot changes over time in Castleton- how do we know it's changed and why?

Our personal pledges to show more care and respect for Our World

Punctuating direct speech

Mrs O’Hare is putting a spring in our step in PE!


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Still image for this video


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Marvellous Maps

Super Spanish- Spanish Version of 'Simon Says...'

Developing our word-processing skills


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Don’t Worry About a Thing - playing our troubles away using glockenspiels.

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English - VIPERS

Spanish vocabulary for parts of the body.

English - focus on the past tense!

Science - Learning about bones!

Learning about the Countryside Code

Fix it Friday

Canopic Jars on Display

We’ve been Framed!

Fabulous Fractions

Classrooms of the future...

Making our Canopic Jars

Practising with clay ready for canopic jar making- Modelling swans, peacocks and toucans.

"The best lesson ever!" -all about Mummification


Reconnecting with each other through the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Re-establishing our Tribe!

'Find Someone Who Game...' and a scavenger hunt to start the 'grand reunion' week.

Language and Communication Week

Key Worker School Fun

We will remember them...


We have been learning about the significance of the poppy on Remembrance Day. We explored famous poems used in Remembrance services and had a go at writing our own inEnglish lessons. 

We tried to used similes in our poetry to create vivid images for the reader. We also had a go at blackout poems, where you select the most significant words in a pre-existing text to create your own poem. 

In Art we have been developing our painting skills and created some beautiful poppy landscapes.


Maths and Computing Week

At the end of our Science unit we completed an orienteering challenge, finding and answering questions all about forces.

The children researched about Skara Brae (Stone Age settlement) and then presented their findings to each other. They then created beautiful double- page spreads

Information posters about Skara Brae

Fantastic writing using expanded noun phrases!

Stone Age Time Slip!

Wellbeing Activities

Active Learning!

Rounding to the nearest multiple of 10 and 100 in Maths

Exploring the Force of Magnets

Creating Animal Prints

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Creating our own Stone Age cave paintings!

Stone Age Boy Story Map

Historical Timelines

History and Geography Curriculum Week - Who and what has helped shape Marple Bridge?


Smile for a mile!

Design Technology - Levers and Linkages


We have been learning about different lever and linkage mechanisms this term. We explored the mechanisms by making our own using card and split pins. We were then set the task of applying our knowledge about mechanisms to design and make a moving picture of a bird. Of course, we decided to make our class birds. Some of us decided to make flapping wings and feathers, some of us made wobbling legs and some of us focused on chattering beaks. We had to work out which mechanism would help us create the movement we needed. We also had to think about how to disguise the mechanisms and how to create a smart and polished finish to our products. The making process was a very big challenge for us, we had to solve lots of problems, share our knowledge and show great perseverance to achieve success. We also had to do some serious tidying up after each session. 

We are so pleased with our products, not only do the look fabulous, but they really do move. 




Henri Rousseau Artwork

Writing and craft skills- poetry, life cycles,mosaics and some fab creative writing!

Creating posters about our class birds!

Bird Art - Week 1