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Spring A - Lost and Found

This week the children have been learning about the importance of friendship. The penguin and boy were reunited. The children made valentine’s day cards, pictures and had lots of different heart themed activities around the provision. The children also learnt about the meaning of valentine’s day.

This week we stopped off in Africa as it was the last piece of land but we arrive at the South Pole. We learnt about the different culture through lots of different activities around the room. We look at Ndebele patterns, wrote postcards and sorted pictures into the UK and Africa. We were surprised with some of the pictures, for example snow in Africa! 

This week we have started our journey back to the South Pole. We have been learning about the different sea creatures that they might meet on the way back. We spoke about pollution in the sea and how this has an impact on sea creatures, we made posters to share ways we can help.

Week 3

This week we met the boy who is preparing for the Journey back to the South Pole. We decided he will need a boat. We talked about floating and sinking, predicted what might float and what might sink. We had lots of fun testing different objects. We hope the penguin and boy from our story float! In maths we have been looking at number bonds to five and have been using fives frames to help us.

Week 2

This week we found out it was a penguin at a door. The little boy needed help to find out more about the penguin, for example what it likes to eat and where it is from. We found out lots about arctic animals and penguins. It was also arts week this week. We studied the Manchester bee statues and Stockport frogs. The children looked at different designs and spoke about what they liked and disliked. The children then created their own using pens and water colours.

Week 1

This week we started our new book ‘Lost and Found’. We met a little boy who had a knock at the door. He wasn’t sure who it was. We spoke about who it could be and wrote brilliant sentences. Our provision was themed with doors. This included posting fake and real words through doors. We then created different flaps in D.T. In the maths areas we looked at missing number sequences.