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Graduation from Marple Bridge School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Potion Making and Quill Writing.

 As part of our Wizarding week, children in Year 3 and 4 made a Helious Flying Potion  and a Basilisk Potion, using typical magical ingredients such as; bone dust, flobberworm mucus, troll blood and much more. Check out our results below! 

Care of Magical Creatures

Defence Drills, Practical Potions and Cunning Coding

Translation, Divination and Incantation

Orientation Day

Leopard Class Assembly


It was Leopard class’s assembly today and what a treat! The assembly was set in a court where the children showed two sides to some famous stories. The children worked extremely hard to learn their lines and cues. They were also great at getting into character. From now on we will remember there are always two sides to every story.

A tense courtroom battle sees 'The Wolf' secure a dramatic NOT GUILTY verdict when brought to trial by The Three Little Pigs.

Watercolour    Riverscapes 

We have experimented with different painting techniques and styles this term. We made detailed sketches of river scenes from our walk in Brabyns Park and we created mood boards to collect all of our ideas for a riverscape composition.

These riverscapes were done over a series of lessons, so that we could build up the colour and texture.

Sharing of homework

Curriculum Week - Inside the Villain

Inference and writing development at the start of Curriculum week-'Inside the Villains'

River Trip

All about rivers...

Painting riverscapes

Keeping our teeth healthy

Art gallery in the classroom...What did we think?

An exciting delivery...

The Journey of a River

Microsoft Excel

We have new PE equipment!

Developing our own ‘perseverance’ in PSHE.

Digestive System T-shirts

Multi-Cultural Arts Week

Factor Games

The Water Cycle

Still image for this video
We have just begun our Geography topic on ‘Rivers’. Today we learnt about the water cycle.
We learnt what he words evaporation, condensation and precipitation mean and how they work together to create the cycle.

Discovering the Digestive System

Times Table Targets

Exploring the Nativity story

Design Technology - Electrical Games

Design Technology - Electrical Games

Scribe & Sage

Finding fun ways to learn and use our nine times tables

Roman Puppet Show

Investigating which materials are conductors or insulators.

Exploring Electrical Circuits


Still Life Drawing

Roman Day

Maths and Computing Week

Conducting scientific investigations

Exploring how the Romans made their roads.

Developing our understanding of addition.

Art - developing our sketching skills.

High 5 Netball in PE

Invertebrate Hunting

Persuasive Writing

Finding the similarities and differences between The Celts and The Romans.

Science this week!


In Science this week we were learning about the five main groups of vertebrates. At the start of the lesson before we learnt about the groups we tried to sort animals into the correct group. This was tricky! But then at the end of the lesson we checked our work and regrouped some of the animals. We realised how much we had learnt and found it much easier!


Investigating Place Value in Maths

We have been learning all about our class animals; sea-turtles, penguins and snow leopards.


We have learnt about their habitats, life cycle and why they are an endangered animal.

We have also produced some amazing art based on our animals and raised money to adopt our endangered animal.