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Physical and Wellbeing Week

Science workshop at MHS


Maths - using protractors



The Oscars 2022

We loved putting together the annual Oscars Awards for the whole school. The theme was films that promote diversity and inclusion.

The children wrote their own scripts and performed it brilliant to Key Stage ozone and then Key Stage Two. 

Year 5 went back to the Swinging Sixties

Our visit to Chester Zoo


Today we visited Chester Zoo to look at how the zoo has recreated different habitats for the animals.

We did a workshop about things we can do to help slow down climate change and make a positive impact on the world around us. We were also lucky enough to have met one of the main builders of the habitats to find out the process of designing to making the new homes for the animals. We also got to see lots of wonderful animals in the zoo.

Communication and Language Week - The Invisible by Tom Percival

Our version of Tom Foolery’s poem The World Awaits

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What A Performance! A week celebrating the arts!

Theme tunes for Award Ceremonies

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Christmas Party Fun

Interactive Christmas Cards


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To celebrate the end of their Forest School adventure (for now!), Canada class learn how to light a camp fire, how to be safe around a fire and how tasty warm s’mores are on a cold day!

The rain, the wind and the mud doesn’t stop resilient Year 5 from enjoying their Forest School adventure!

The Balance of Force

Today, we used objects to use as weights to see the effect on a pivot. We noticed that heavier weights needed counterbalancing, and the closer they were to the flucram, the more of an affect it had.

Our 2-page knowledge organisers show all of our learning about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

Forest School - Canada class developed their whitling skills and saw off marauding invaders!

Forest School - building Anglo Saxon burghs to defend against Viking invaders!

Forest School Teamwork Challenge - who can build the biggest, strongest stick tower?

Learning about air resistance using parachutes.

Forest School - Canada class use the abundance of fallen leaves to create Amazing Autumn Art!


Task Master

Canada class start their Forest School adventure by using nature to create imaginative stories!

Crumble Computing

Tag Rugby fun!

Smile for a While

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Reflecting on our York trip

York Residential

Our first Day

Thursday 14th October

Year 5 have had an amazing first day in York!

Our second day

Friday 15th October 

What a wonderful day we have had experiencing life as a Viking.

Maths in the forest! Collecting data and creating line graphs.

Exploring planets and the moon in creative ways

Lego workshop

Lego workshop

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Learning how the internet works

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We acted out being computers, message senders and routers to send and receive a number of packets (part of a message).


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When we did the expercise again, we were A LOT faster. This is because we had refined our ‘protocols’ to ensure the messages were passed on as quickly as possible.

Canada Class have loved performing their setting descriptions.

Year 5 have enjoyed taking part in athletics this week. They have learnt how to do triple jumps, running jumps and standing jumps!

Performing our incredible Magic Box poems

South Africa class show off their den building skills!

Canada class explore planetary distance

Forest School teamwork challenge - How high can you build a stick tower? How much weight can it support?

Learning about Jesus’ teachings

Another week full of fabulous learning in Year 5.

Canada Class - long and short distance running

Canada Class have had fun working on their 'Magic Box' poems!

South Africa Class having fun in the forest!

Establishing our new tribe and finding out about South Africa