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Writing at Ludworth

At Ludworth, we believe that oracy and writing development are fundamental skills. We know that fluency in literacy translates in to almost all other areas of the curriculum, and being a proficient writer gives pupils a voice so that they may participate fully as a member of society. We aim to teach children to write with confidence and to equip them with the skills they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Children follow a progressive writing curriculum that at all times is driven by engagement with and understanding of high-quality vehicle texts. Our approach is underpinned by an understanding of the intrinsic link between reading and writing. Fostering this link ensures children develop the ability to write with clarity, structure and purpose, ensuring they are prepared for the next step of their educational journey - and life beyond the classroom. Ludworth's writing journey is built upon a foundation of research-informed practice and adheres to the Education Endowment Foundation's evidence-based recommendations for the teaching of literacy. 

Spelling at Ludworth

Our spelling programme directly follows our phonics programme. We teach spelling through Super Sonic Phonic Friends in Key Stage 1 and follow this on by using Spelling Shed in Key Stage 2. Children in Key Stage 2 keep spelling jotters which are always available to assist them with their use of spelling patterns. Confidence with spelling strategies can improve fluency with writing therefore we give all children the opportunity to learn the spelling patterns for their year group. To ensure a robust programme, children in Key Stage 2 develop their own bespoke spelling programme focussing on their particular spelling needs allowing for extra practise in spelling patterns that they have previously found difficult. We promote self-reflection and independence within our spelling programme and offer personalised learning to make sure that all our writers experience success with their spelling.