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Newsletter - Summer 2018

Welcome To Reception 2017-2018

Our Team : Mrs Gregg, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Dean, Mrs Hammond.

Welcome to Reception, we look forward to sharing many special memories and learning experiences through this page.

Welcome to Our Reception Class Homepage



A few photographs of our very exciting Learning Environment!

There are 45 children in our Reception cohort.


We have Hargreaves Class and Potter Class and teaching all the children in Reception this year are Mrs Gregg and Mrs Lloyd.

Other members of our team are Mrs Dean and Mrs Hammond. 


Welcome to our final Summer Term!


We are nearly Year One !!!!


It is lovely to share with you how impressed we are with our children and we are set for another very busy term. 

We cannot wait to begin our final term in Reception and hear all about what you have been getting up to in the holidays. 

Our overarching themes for this term include finding out about dinosaurs and investigating how we grow and learn together' whilst getting ready for Year One! As our curriculum is very child-initiated we are really looking forward to discussing with the children their interests and planning with them what they would like to learn about collectively. 


In our daily phonics sessions, following Letters and Sounds, we will split into groups and focus on learning phonemes in phase 3,  introducing the consonant blends in phase 4 and practise segmenting and blending to help us learn to read!  The children receive a reading book when they are ready as well as a "tricky word" bookmarks. Children will be introduced to reading and spelling "tricky words" for instance; ‘I, go, to, into, no, he, she, we’ and will practise recognising these by sight. 

In Maths, we will be working with numbers to 20, ordering and counting with 1:1 correspondence. Also in our Maths sessions we will be working with 2D and 3D shapes, making patterns and identifying their properties.


We look forward to exploring other exciting ideas and working with you over  our final term in Reception! We cannot believe where the time has gone!  As past of our transition work this term we will be welcoming our Year One team in to spend time with us so we can think about our next year ahead and we will also be visiting our new learning areas and both Year One classrooms. 

Many thanks for your continued support.


The Reception Team

Feeling Festive for Christmas Dinner and Our Christmas Party

Monday 18th December

Well done Reception, we had a fantastic time this afternoon walking up the hill and visiting Reverend Ed at the church.

Here are a few photographs which, I'm sure you'll all agree, show how much the children enjoyed out little trip. All children listened to the Reverend as he showed us round parts of the church and then talked about his role, his many robes and different attire before inviting children to dress up! We watched the 'Polar Express model train railway and then looked at the wonderfully decorated trees.

Thank you to all of the adults who came this afternoon, our children gave the afternoon a 'huge thumbs up' and we hope that you enjoyed the experience too.

Friday 3rd November


A visit from a Veterinary Surgeon! Reception welcomed in Dr Megan Collett on Friday afternoon to learn all about her role working with animals. Children listened extremely well and being so interested and enthusiastic asked relevant questions and discussed how to look after animals particularly on Bonfire night over the weekend.


The vet commented on how well our children engaged during the talk and thought the behaviour of our youngest children was impeccable, she really enjoyed coming in to work with us so much has agreed to come back in the new year ! 

A visit from a Vet - Dr Megan Collett

Monday16th October


Our EYFS and  KS1 singing sessions as simply super. We have been practising a variety of different songs, chants and even a nursery rhyme rap ! Hopefully the sessions will help our vocal cords develop so we can sing our hearts out during our forthcoming Autumn Harvest Assembly.




Tuesday 10th October


Reception went to a special Assembly about Fire Satety and sat beautifully with the rest of our school to listen about how to keep ourselves and our friends safe.



Tuesday 12th September

Our first circle time session was absolutely amazing! We all went and got our own chair and, carrying it very sensibly, brought it to the carpet to make our circle! Already, we are looking forward to next Tuesday!


These were some of our thoughts about our 'special circle time session':


Ava said " I liked telling everyone the names."


Ben explained that " we passed a clap and we put the pretend cakes up for January and February to say our brithdays!"


George thought " It was really good because I liked it and sit together on chairs."


Darcy said " we all did listening to each other and good sitting on the chairs."

Well done Hargreaves and Potter class!



Year 2016-2017

A Museum Story

Thank you to Bethan's Mummy, our secret visitor today who told us all about some of the different museum collections she has worked with. The children were very keen to share which museums they had been to themselves! We were even able to look at some old pieces of pottery and the children asked some excellent questions about their artefacts. We talked about how we will start to learn more history in Year One; we definitely have some budding historians amongst us.

A Secret Visitor

Thomas' Mummy came to visit us on Wednesday and she brought a little friend that she had found in the park! She told us it was a Bog Baby and we read the story together. She very kindly left us salt dough and some of us had a go at making our own Bog Babies. Bethan and Sophia even did some lovely writing about their Bog Babies.

Another Secret Visitor

Matthew and Jessica's Mummy brought in some Science experiments to share with us on Friday. We saw how chemicals can react together to make a big pop which hit the ceiling! We also made elephant toothpaste which oozed out of the top of a bottle and made Mrs Naughton and Mrs Knibb's hair stand on end. Lastly we made a cornflour solution and watched snails feeding from it on clear plastic sheets. Lots of us had never seen a snail's mouth before. The children were captivated and we have definitely inspired some budding chemists, physicists and biologists.

Minibeast Investigations and Super Snail Races!

We really enjoyed working with Todd's Mummy who brought in lots of science based activities for use to explore. Learning all about snails and was a particular highlight and we worked in teams to make our predictions on which snail would reach the top of the tub first!

Thank you Todd's Mummy for coming in to with us, we all loved looking at the snails and learning so many facts too!

Sports Week


Mrs Savage came to teach us some yoga on Thursday. We practised some very tricky positions and our muscles felt very strong afterwards! We listened really well to all the instructions we were given and had a great time. 

Kick Boxing

Miss Spink taught us some kick boxing. We learnt some kicks and punches and we talked about how we must never use them on other people. We learnt about the discipline of Martial Arts and were even able to try on some real belts and gloves. Miss Spink thought we had some budding kick boxers amongst us.

Our Whole School, Eco themed Week of Art


We have been very busy bees in Reception this week and have linked our current learning interests/themes (Minibeasts/ The Very Hungry Caterpillar) to the art week.


Unlike the Caterpillar in the story, we have all had a taste of new creative activities and been hungry for Art! We have really enjoyed developing new skills, being imaginative and creative. These are a few of the many crafty activities we have been doing :


- On Monday, we made clay minibeasts.

- On Tuesday, after a exciting morning of dancing, an artist came into our class and we did printing.

-On Wednesday, we made a Butterfly and Bee Garden on the field using the plants that were kindly donated following our letter the Garden Centre.

-On Thursday, we decided to make butterfly feeders and then in the afternoon welcomed our parents and family members in to help make ECO model minibeasts out of junk. Thank you to all the grown-up who came in to help (too many to name you all)- we all thoroughly enjoyed working with you and our creations look amazingly arty.

- On Friday...


Wednesday 21st June

Amy's Mummy visited us today to tell us a lovely story. The story encouraged us all to think about what our three most precious things are. Thanks to Amy's Mummy for joining us, sorry we don't have any photos this time!


Tuesday 20th June

Our Multi-Cultural Celebration Day


We had a fantastic day learning all about Indian traditions. We listened to stories, looked at many beautiful artefacts and then all joined in with Indian dancing making our own clap dance. Then we dressed up in beautifully bright clothing, saris and scarves, before using special sticks and continue our Indian cultural experience.

What a fabulous experience learning about similarities and differences between other communities, cultures and families. These are a few pictures we captured !!! 


Secret Visitor

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Jake's grandparents today who read us an original story, complete with hand-drawn pictures. We loved the story and we enjoyed roaring along with the lion! 

Summer Term 1

Friday 26th May

Last day of Summer Term 1 : Ready for the Oscars!


What a fabulous way to end the term! We all scrubbed-up very brilliantly for our first Oscar Assembly and everyone had a wonderful day celebrating all of our hard work this year so far. Well done to the 6 children who received their first Oscar Award in Reception for either Reading, Writing or Mathematic achievements/efforts.


Moth Catching

Jessica and Matthew's Mummy helped us to set up a moth catcher on the field. We had to put in egg boxes for the moths to crawl into and a special light to attract them. We left the box overnight and the next day we had a look who had flown in. There weren't as many as we had hoped but we were still really interested to look at the moths with magnifying glasses. A big thank you to Matthew and Jessica's Mummy.

Friday 12th May

Our Edible Wormeries !


We were very interested by Archie and Phoebe's 'Show and Tell' and keen to know how they had made their edible wormeries. On Friday 12th May we made our very own with the amazing help of Phoebe's Mummy and Archie's Mummy who both very kindly came in to work with us for the whole morning! Thank you very much for offering to come in and for bringing all of the ingredients needed to make our wormeries. It was such fun and we have learned a lot about wonderful worms!!!!

Join the coins

Thank you for all your donations for our Join the Coins activity. We enjoyed making long, straight lines and it fitted in perfectly with the work on money we have been doing this week.
We have been looking at the seeds in different fruits following on from reading "The Tiny Seed". We discussed which fruits we could eat with their seeds and which had seeds which should not be eaten. We then decided to make smoothies. We chopped the fruit, added some milk, mixed it up and had a taste. They were delicious! Can you tell from the pictures which children didn't agree?

Secret Visitor, May 17th

Jude's Daddy came in to talk to us about working on an oil rig. We were very interested to see a film of the helicopter landing on the rig and enjoyed trying on his hard hat and investigating some rocks.

Thank you to Jude's Daddy, we learnt a lot this afternoon.

Stockley Farm

What a wonderful day at the farm. We had a tractor ride, went for a nature walk, groomed ponies, stroked chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits, fed baby goats and lambs and much more besides. This week we will be doing lots of writing about what we saw.

Spring Term 2

Monday 27th February 2017

Super Story Time Start to the Spring Term 2

A huge 'Thank You' to Martha's Mummy for coming in on our first day back and reading Dogger to our class and for bringing in your precious teddy from when you were a little girl- it sparked many conversations off on Tuesday morning !!!


Thursday 2nd March

What a Wonderful World Book Day we have all had...

It was lovely to have some of our Parents joining us this morning as we began our exciting activities for World Book Day. Everyone talked about who they had dressed up as, shared what their favourite book is and we then went off to write about them. We all made a special book review that have been displayed in our forest. After that we did a 'Character Catwalk' so we could all show off our amazing costumes and then the Year 5/6 classes joined us and we shared stories together. In the afternoon we all went to the forest to look at all the book reviews from other year groups and tried to find our own too! We have had a brilliant day and are even more 'buzzing about books'!

Here are Mrs Naughton and Mrs Bramhall's class enjoying sharing books with some Year 5/6 children and exploring in the woods;

Spring Term 1


Friday 13th January 2017

Snow Day

We came into school to find that our friends, 'a family of Penguins' as Rosa explained including the Penguins by Rory and Martha had made', from the South Polar Region had left us a surprise and we had to solve clues to find out what had been left for us to use in our learning environment! 

Almost all of Reception wrote a speech bubble with their ideas of what might have been left by the Penguins, after we followed the given clues. In the afternoon, we all came together to discover that inside the igloo was an easel ! ! What a fantastic day!


Monday 16th January 2017

Our Special Storytime!

We all thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story about the 'Green Sheep' today, thank you for coming in to read our story at the end of the day Thomas' Mummy! We had a fantastic discussion about different places in our world after you told us that the book you had brought in to read was from Australia and this linked brilliantly onto us being very keen to find out where the South Pole in relation to Australia!

Friday 20th January 2017

Sharing a Story

It was such a treat to listen to Mrs Bernstein reading 'The Dinosaur that pooped a Planet' this afternoon and we all found it hilarious! Linking in with our current learning theme, space, it was a lovely way to end such a super week. Thank you Jacob's Mummy.

Monday 23rd January 2017

A treat that really was 'out of this world'!

Following our very keen interests in our space theme, our classroom has been used as a landing pad for so many creative rockets and space landing crafts that have been made as part of the home challenges we have suggested.

Along with this, Archie and Phoebe had been very busy over the weekend baking space biscuits for us. They were absolutely delicious! Thank you very much for all your hard work encouraging and extending our learning opportunities truly beyond the classroom!

Phoebe and Archie brought in special biscuits that had been decorated 'space style'! We listened carefully to how they had made them during our circle time session and then enjoyed the tasty treats!

Thursday 26th January

Celebrating Australia Day


Our class was joined by Wombatty today, the pet Wombat belonging to Felix, in celebration of National Australia day! Felix and Thomas took the carpet time session as we listened to all of their knowledge about Australia. We were all rather surprised to find out that wombats can be over 1m long and we just had to find the metre stick to really understand how big these animals can grow!


Celebrating Australia Day

Chinese New Year

Junk modelling

The children had lots of fun making models of space rockets and aliens. They worked really well in their teams, negotiating what they would build and what materials to use. We are all very proud of the results.

Friday 3rd February 2017

A super end to a super week... with a set of super stories read by Mrs Warren!


We all listened very carefully to 'Biscuit Bear' and acted out part of the story too! It was lovely to have Archie's Mummy, who said our class were excellent listeners and very sensible coming in and getting organised, and we all really enjoyed the session. As we were so 'super speedy' we were lucky enough to have two stories and Mrs Warren has left us two more (relating to our theme around space) to read next week! Thank you.


Friday 10th February

Special Storytime

It was such a lovely surprise to have Charlie's Mummy, thank you for coming to read two of Charlie's favourite stories and for telling us all about snuggle with a story time!

Space cakes

We all thoroughly enjoyed Thomas' delicious cakes! Thank you for making them, telling us all about them and giving us all one to take home !We had such a super end to the week!

Last Week of Term

Marvelously tasty treats from both Rory and Martha!



Thursday 16th February

Math Magician Day and a magical end with a story from Felix's Mummy!

For a whole day as a whole school we focused on the theme of 'time' for the whole day working together. We split into 4 teams and moved around both the Reception classrooms and Year 1 classrooms to complete activities. It was so much fun and we worked really well with Y1 children learning and teaching each other all about the concept of time. Then we went into assembly and some of us were confident enough to share what we had been doing, in relation to our theme of time, with the whole school !

As if by magic... after was perfect timing as we were met by Felix's Mummy and just had enough time to have a story and hear all about the arrival of Felix's new baby brother Theo!


Thank you Felix's Mummy for coming and keeping to time! We discussed this at length and the importance of learning and knowing about 'time' for these very occurrences- had we not finished in assembly in time or had Felix's Mummy not known the right time we couldn't have had time to hear such a fabulous story!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Friday 17th February

Excellent end of term story session thanks to Phoebe's Mummy. We all thought the story was hilarious and think Phoebe's Mummy is an amazing story teller! Thank you!


Photographs below:


Manchester Airport Viewing Park - March 2017

We had a fantastic time on our trip to the airport this week. We went inside an old aeroplane which had been turned into a classroom. We loved sitting in the cockpit and trying on the pilot's hat - we were even able to "take off" and "land" the plane! We learnt about lots of different people who work on aeroplanes and at the airport and we dressed up as some of them.

A Secret Visitor

Ben's Mummy came to talk to us today about her job as a barrister. When she started to put on her special clothes some of us guessed what she might be. Our guesses included a cook, a teacher, or working in a pub! We were all very intrigued by her wig and decided that it felt itchy! She helped us to solve some problems by listening to both sides of the story. Thank you so much to our first Secret Visitor.
Eggstravaganza - 31st March 2017

Here are some of Reception's wonderful creations, well done to everyone who took part.

We sold the crispy cakes we have made this week on our Reception stall. Everyone said they were delicious and we made lots of money for charity.

Autumn Term

Below are some of our activities and highlights of our first term in Reception:


Not only did we go as part of a whole school trip to a Pantomime but we also starred in our very own Christmas Production along with KS1!

The Pantomime trip was really exciting and we were all very sensible, kept ourselves and our friends safe and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from getting on the coach, walking sensibly from the coach to our seats and enjoying the show of Peter Pan- we did our teachers proud !

For our Christmas play we all played two roles, this involved being a part from the Nativity scene as well as undertaking the role of a Star for a dance performance! Take a look at some of the special moments captured below:

Our Christmas Performance

A whole school trip: we are off to the Pantomime! Oh No you're not! Oh YES we are!!!!