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A special message and gift from the author of our current class book, Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick

Completed masks- can you spot which characters they are?

Ludworth’s Got Talent

Arts week. Macbeth mask making.

Forest school with Mr Templar. Starting to build our den

Creative dance- brilliant collaboration using numbers for actions-superb enthusiasm!

Early stages of mask making for characters from Macbeth- building up layers for our sculpted masks

LS Lowry- explaining preferences and the experimenting with different media to create effects with lines, tone and shape.

Examining non-chronological reports and making decisions about which were the best and why- medals given for the best!

We went to the Armoury in Stockport to take part in an activity called Crucial Crew. During the morning, children took part in sessions run by the police, the river and cancel trust, start4life and the travel safe partnership. The sessions aimed to prepare children with skills that will prepare them to be more independent as they transition from primary to secondary school. We touched upon subjects like healthy eating, how to stay safe near water, antisocial behaviour and how to stay safe when online.

Quiz,Quiz, Trade- sharing our knowledge of South America in our geography lesson.

We recapped our learning on rounding numbers to the nearest ten million and beyond!

We invited partners in to our class assembly to tell everyone all about our class country Thailand

Our 'Battle of Britain' moving toys- so much skill and problem solving needed.

Courtroom drama- children putting cases for the prosecution and defence as to whether Sir Arthur Harris was a war hero or war criminal- amazing debate!

Making moving toys in D.T.

Applying what we know about prime numbers, factors and multiples. It got very competitive!

Learning all about The Andes- creating our own fact file mountains and recreating the longest mountain range in the world.

Writing and editing our amazing narratives based on The Arrival

Learning about light with Lego!

Today in Thailand Class, we proved that light only travels in straight lines my building our own Lego structures!

Ghana Class Assembly- a fabulous performance and great acting, singing and dancing- amazing facts too!

A very special visitor

This week the Year 6 children were visited by a very special guest - Margaret. Our visitor brought the children a first hand account of what it was like to be evacuated during the Blitz during World War 2. Margaret told the children all about her life as an evacuee and what it as like to live away from her family during such a worrying time. The children prepared many questions to ask and were all amazed by the things they learned.


Kingswood Residential 

Day 3

This was the final moment of reflection, feeling proud of our achievements and accomplishments, before we left.

What a wonderful time we have had, our children have and staff have thoroughly enjoyed the past few days. We have challenged ourselves, shown great adaptability, teamwork and personal strength throughout. Many of the Kingswood staff commented on how delighted and pleased they have been to have worked alongside the children from Ludworth. One instructor commented that the ‘children were absolutely excellent, committed and their behaviour is exemplary’. It has been a blast. Well done Y6.

Kingswood Residential 

Day 2 

We had a fantastic evening around the campfire last night and after a great night we are ready and raring to go with full tummies from our delicious breakfast.

We’ve had a fantastic day filled full of exhilarating activities. Problem- Solving, raft building, bouldering and a balance beam to name but a few of the fabulous activities.

Kingswood Residential


Day 1

After a lovely walk around the reservoir and a quick picnic, we went straight into our first activities.

Problem solving in maths- can we afford these outdoor activities?

Outdoor active maths

We explored the outdoor area in search of place value cards that made up a number over a million

Trip to the Imperial War Museum

Place value challenge during outside learning- finding the correct digits to make numbers up to ten million.

Creating numbers to a million and beyond- being strategic where we place numbers so we find the highest number and win!



This week the team from Bikeright have been delivering the Bikeability grades 1 and 2 to the children of Year 6. They have all enjoyed their time and learnt how to be safe when riding on the roads.

Art- African silhouettes- great attention to detail.

Developing inference skills using images of our class's country.