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‘What a Performance!’ 

Year 3/4 celebrate music, dance, art and performance poetry!

‘My Journey down the River’, our new topic for this term, was the inspiration for our ‘What a Performance’ themed week. In English, we explored river texts and collected interesting vocabulary relating to water and rivers, thinking about what we see, hear and feel on a riverside and how the river moves as it travels from the mountains to the sea.  We explored rhyming couplets, similes and metaphors and as either individuals or in small groups, composed our own river themed poems.

A master class from famous poet!


Tom Foolery, who achieved fame during lockdown for poems such as The Great Realisation, delivered a virtual master class to all Year 3/4s on the creative writing process! The children were enthralled by Tom and listen with eagerness to his top tips! They got the opportunity to put their questions to Tom, such as How does poetry make you feel? and How long does it take you to write a poem? Before listening to a poem Tom wrote about our classes! One student from Poland Class even challenged Tom to write a poem about snails - and he did! Check out his twitter account to hear Tom perform it!

The skills and techniques behind the painting

Our River inspired Music

Week 8 Christmas Party Fun!

Week 6 - Define the Space Geography

Week 6 Learning how to work with wire!

Week 5 Revolting Science


This week we explored how the small intestines work.  We used a bowl to represent the mouth which chews the food; a sealed plastic bag to act as a stomach where the food is broken down even more, then we placed the food into the intestines represented by one half of a pair of tights, into a plastic cup representing the rectum before finally expelling the food waste out through a hole in the cup labelled as the anus. “It was disgusting but fun.” Definitely not a lesson soon forgotten! Great work year 3/4!



Week 5 Bug Inspired Silhouette Art using recycled materials

Week 4 - Year 3/4 become budding News Reporters!

Week 3 - History What did the Ancient Greeks Do for Us?


In history this week, we learnt about the Ancient Greek inventor, mathematician and scientist, Archimedes, whose invention the Archimedes Screw, is still being used today! The children learnt how the Screw works and made their own using a plastic bottle, plastic tubing, sticky tape, water and food dye.  All teams were successful in transferring the water from the lower container to the higher container, by rotating the Screw. We found out that Archimedes’s invention is in use in New Mills and Marple to generate electricity.

Week 3 - We had a workshop with our class book author!

Week 3 - How long is the human small intestine?

We used our Science and Maths skills to investigate the human digestive system.


Did you know that the small intestine is 10m long (or 25 year 3 and 4s).

Week 2 - Maths Machines

In Maths we made maths machines. We then used these to help us to create an addition calculation. We worked out the machine would give us 16 possible calculations. Then we used the column addition method to work out the answers.

Week 2 - We researched Greek Gods and created booklets to showcase our knowledge.

Week 2 - Exploring The Festival of Light

Week 1 - Maths and Computing Week

Week 1 - Starting our News Reports

Week 7 - Science - Looking at extinct animals

Week 6 - Negative number line games in the fresh air!

Week 5 - Budding Engineers of the Future?

Week 5 - Remarkable women and their contributions to space travel!

Week 5 - Super Powers help us to overcome challenges!

We used the balloons to demonstrate that if we use our super powers including adaptability, self control and determination, that they will never run out and in fact will only get stronger every time we use them.we can use these powers every time we face challenges.

Week 4 - What a week!

Travelling through Time!

We had a great discussion about where in history the Ancient Greek period came.  Eventually, we learnt that it occurred around the period of the Iron Age right up until nearly Roman times.  Some of the time line was a revelation! “I didn’t realise the Victorians were so close to us on the time line!” To which was the reply, “Yes, and some of us are closer to the Victorian period than others thank you!”

Design and Technology 

We completed our block of learning about healthy eating and developed our food preparation skills, to produce a tasty, nutritious 3 part meal!

Week 3 - Making Greek Salad

Week 3 - Making Hummus and Tzatziki Dips

Week 3 - Bread Tasting and Healthy Eating

Week 3 - Greek Day

Week 2 - Super Science work - why is classifying things into groups important?

Week 2 - Brass Music Lesson

Week 1 - Country Themed Activities

Geography Skills

The children worked together in groups on a team challenge to try to remember as many key features of a map of Jamaica as possible within a time limit. There are some great competitive spirits in our class and some very observant geographers!

Team Building Activities

We have all enjoyed some first day team building activities in the sunshine. We then had a getting to know you bingo session where we found out who had pets, who was left handed and even who could speak another language. We have so many skills to share with each other.