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Week 3 - Making Greek Salad

Week 3 - Making Hummus and Tzatziki Dips

Week 3 - Bread Tasting and Healthy Eating

Week 3 - Greek Day

Week 2 - Super Science work - why is classifying things into groups important?

Week 2 - Brass Music Lesson

Week 1 - Country Themed Activities

Geography Skills

The children worked together in groups on a team challenge to try to remember as many key features of a map of Jamaica as possible within a time limit. There are some great competitive spirits in our class and some very observant geographers!

Team Building Activities

We have all enjoyed some first day team building activities in the sunshine. We then had a getting to know you bingo session where we found out who had pets, who was left handed and even who could speak another language. We have so many skills to share with each other.