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Sports and Well-being Week

Trip to Chester

Using perspective to draw a Roman Street

Hadrian's Wall Fact Find Hunt

Our End of Topic Sound Knowledge Organisers


We have just completed our Sound topic in Science. To showcase our learning we create a knowledge organiser which includes all the things we learnt about. We always enjoy sharing these with everyone in the class.

Refining our Rounders Skills

What was life like in Pompeii?


Mrs Baines visited Pompeii during the half term holiday. Whilst she was there she took some photos of some of the buildings and items she learnt about. We had to use our inference skills to work out what we thought they were, then she told us if we were right or not!

Money Madness

Religious Education - Humanist views of Right and Wrong.

Oscars 2022!

Young Voices 2022

Jubilee Fun

Thierry Noir Artwork


In 1984, Noir began to paint the Berlin Wall, more than 3 metres high, with bright, vivid colours.  He is one of  the first street artists to have first painted on the Berlin Wall. Noir’s iconic, innocent work symbolised an act of defiance and a lone voice of freedom.

Rolling back the years!

Dance Mania

Instruction Writing in English

Making a biscuit Roman road

P.E - Tennis

Forest School Fun!

Eco Committee Litter Pick

Fabulous Factual Reports


We have been examining lots of non chronological reports to identify and understand the key features of this genre of writing. Then, the children began to research key facts about their class country, drafting and editing their writing, before producing their final report. We used our computing session to find, save and edit photographs of Polish life - cropping images, adding frames and captions before finally adding them to our final report.

Creating Electronic Games

Tennis Master Class

Designing and Building electronic games using circuit systems.

Our geography fieldtrip to Brabyns Park!

Learning Geographic Terms Ahead of Our Trip to Brabyns Park

Communication and Languages Week - 'The Invisible'

Fairtrade Fortnight


Inspired by ‘The Invisible’ Year 3/4 Create Gratitude Jars

Fraction Fun!

Science - testing the viscosity of different liquids

Computing - collecting data and using Excel

Carver Theatre Workshops

To begin to prepare for our upcoming production - “What a Performance” we are lucky enough to be able to welcome Carver Theatre group into school to run some creative performance sessions.  The children loved the interactive games and vocal warm ups (even those who were not so keen at the thought of performing). Super commitment shown by our year 3/4!

Having Fun Whilst Fundraising!

Creative Computing!

Making Maths!

Today we began to deepen our understanding of 2 digit by 1 digit division to create part whole models. We then extended our learning to be able to draw our calculations on the road to becoming more mathematically efficient. 

‘What a Performance!’ 

Year 3/4 celebrate music, dance, art and performance poetry!

‘My Journey down the River’, our new topic for this term, was the inspiration for our ‘What a Performance’ themed week. In English, we explored river texts and collected interesting vocabulary relating to water and rivers, thinking about what we see, hear and feel on a riverside and how the river moves as it travels from the mountains to the sea.  We explored rhyming couplets, similes and metaphors and as either individuals or in small groups, composed our own river themed poems.

A master class from famous poet!


Tom Foolery, who achieved fame during lockdown for poems such as The Great Realisation, delivered a virtual master class to all Year 3/4s on the creative writing process! The children were enthralled by Tom and listen with eagerness to his top tips! They got the opportunity to put their questions to Tom, such as How does poetry make you feel? and How long does it take you to write a poem? Before listening to a poem Tom wrote about our classes! One student from Poland Class even challenged Tom to write a poem about snails - and he did! Check out his twitter account to hear Tom perform it!

The skills and techniques behind the painting

Our River inspired Music

Week 8 Christmas Party Fun!

Week 6 - Define the Space Geography

Week 6 Learning how to work with wire!

Week 5 Revolting Science


This week we explored how the small intestines work.  We used a bowl to represent the mouth which chews the food; a sealed plastic bag to act as a stomach where the food is broken down even more, then we placed the food into the intestines represented by one half of a pair of tights, into a plastic cup representing the rectum before finally expelling the food waste out through a hole in the cup labelled as the anus. “It was disgusting but fun.” Definitely not a lesson soon forgotten! Great work year 3/4!



Week 5 Bug Inspired Silhouette Art using recycled materials

Week 4 - Year 3/4 become budding News Reporters!

Week 3 - History What did the Ancient Greeks Do for Us?


In history this week, we learnt about the Ancient Greek inventor, mathematician and scientist, Archimedes, whose invention the Archimedes Screw, is still being used today! The children learnt how the Screw works and made their own using a plastic bottle, plastic tubing, sticky tape, water and food dye.  All teams were successful in transferring the water from the lower container to the higher container, by rotating the Screw. We found out that Archimedes’s invention is in use in New Mills and Marple to generate electricity.

Week 3 - We had a workshop with our class book author!

Week 3 - How long is the human small intestine?

We used our Science and Maths skills to investigate the human digestive system.


Did you know that the small intestine is 10m long (or 25 year 3 and 4s).

Week 2 - Maths Machines

In Maths we made maths machines. We then used these to help us to create an addition calculation. We worked out the machine would give us 16 possible calculations. Then we used the column addition method to work out the answers.

Week 2 - We researched Greek Gods and created booklets to showcase our knowledge.

Week 2 - Exploring The Festival of Light

Week 1 - Maths and Computing Week