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More from our Artemis Fowl themed Week

Year 5 - Artemis Fowl themed week 

Year 6 Lowry Day

Year 6 Lowry Day


Today we should have been visiting the Lowry Art Gallery in Salford. However, due to the current travel restrictions we were unfortunately unable to go.  This did not deter us though! With true Ludworth style resilience, if we could not go to the Lowry, we brought the Lowry to us! 

The children have spent the morning researching L.S.Lowry and appraising some of his most famous paintings.  Next they developed their own sketches based on his style.  
The children had a wonderful time outdoors, exploring the school grounds from a different perspective and choosing areas to sketch in the style of Lowry.  The have produced some amazing work and have enjoyed plenty of fresh air! Stay tuned for some fabulous art uploads as they appear. 

L.S. Lowry Art Gallery Experience 

Today Year 5 went to The Lowry Exhibition to develop their understanding and skill of drawing and sketching. We took part in a variety of activities to encourage us to look closely at the works of art. For example, we were given a list of objects ( spire, bowler hat, body of water) that we had to find within a picture. After lunch we chose our favourite piece and had a go at sketching it in Lowry’s unique style. Take a look at our work below.

Incredible Learning at Home - Palm Oil Products.

In Year 5 the children are continuing their work on the rainforest and looking at how farming for palm oil is destroying large areas of rainforest every year. For homework , children were asked to research products that contained palm oil. The children soon realised that over 50% of all products in the supermarket contain palm oil. Beth also found out that Iceland have made a pledge to ensure none of their own branded products contain palm oil by 2020. 

The children will be using this incredible research to write formal letters to supermarkets to encourage the use of sustainable palm oil. This means using palm oil which comes from companies who plant trees when they chop others down. 

Who is the Villain? 

We started our Villains themed curriculum week with a ‘Guess the Villain’ inference task. In Miss Vose’s English class, 3 clues were delivered in order to reveal the secret identity of a heinous villain. Through this activity we explored the reading skill of inference and what this really means. The children displayed fantastic inference and explanation skills to discover the true identify......Voldermort! 

Exploring Decimals

Today Year 5 started to explore decimals with 2 decimal places. We talked about the value of each digit after the decimal point and how this helps you understand how to order them. 

Key Word Spelling Lists

Please find below links to the Key Word Spelling Lists.

Fantastic Yeast! 

In super science, year 5/6 conducted an experiment to investigate micro organisms. We wanted to discover whether yeast had the feature of being able to respire in order for it to qualify as a living thing. We used a bottle and added warm water, sugar and yeast to it. Then we put a balloon over the rim of the bottle. Our prediction was that as the yeast consumed the sugar, it would begin to respire and give off carbon dioxide which would then inflate the balloon. The experiment worked really well and we proved that yeast is a living, growing organism.

An investigation into whether Yeast is a living thing which respires.

There’s a Rang-tan in My..... Classroom.

Today an Orangutan visited the Y5 English class. The Orangutan has had to flee his habitat as it has been destroyed due to deforestation. The children were ready to ask some super questions to try and gain a greater understanding of what has happened to this poor animal. 

Fires in the Forest

 Miss Vose’s English class are using the book “There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom” to inspire their writing. We are going to write a setting description about a forest who has suffered damage due to deforestation fires. To help us we went outside, lit a fire and used our senses to carefully and accurately describe it. We had to think clearly about the purpose of this writing and ensure we were using descriptions that helped create a grim mood. The children were absolutely fantastic with their ideas, I’ve shared a few but we cannot reveal all our secrets! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers 

In Year 5 we have been looking at fractions. we used counters to create an improper fraction and look at what it is made of. We then looked at how you create a mixed number. My children told me “ this is just like division, that we did last week.” I am really proud of the children for making those direct links and using their division skills to help them. 

Arts Week- Making Mayan Masks 

What is Holi? What is is similar to in the U.K? 


As part art of our developing understanding of different cultures this Arts Week we explored the vibrant festival of Holi. Holi is a festival that celebrates good overcoming evil as Prahlad did against King Vishnu and Holika. Please watch the video below to tell you more about this fascinating story. We learnt that, like Bonfire night, lighting bonfires is a crucial part of the celebration. 

Exploring Indian Culture

As part of Arts Week, Year 5 and 6 took part in an Indian Workshop today delivered by Minal from the Ethnic Diversity Service. She talked to the children about the importance of family in Indian culture and how many of their festivals link to an important relationship within the family. For example today Indians are celebrating Uttarayan- the kite festival. During this festival we say goodbye to the winter and welcome the Spring and ask for a plentiful harvest. During this festival it is important for fathers and sons to spend time together. We then had the opportunity to practise Indian Stick Dancingas well as look at some objects brought from India. 

Arts Week- Around the World.



Classification Keys for Animals 


Today in Science we were given a group of animals and asked to find all the different ways to sort them. We then explored different types of animals: Birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. As a challenge we tried to make a classification diagram which resulted in being able to group animals into the main different types. 

What do we know about the World? 

To explore what we already knew about the World, all children in Year 5 and 6 were given a balloon, turn it into the Earth and plot specific mapping features. Here are some examples below. 

Spring Term Topic : South America- Past, present and future. 

We Will Remember.


This week Year 6 responded to a very special letter from a World War II veteran asking that we always remember the sacrifices made for us.


The children responded by writing their own Remembrance poems based on well-known war poetry such as The Soldier and Dulce Et Decorum Est.


They created a wonderful memorial and several children read their poems during a special remembrance assembly. Our veterans would be proud of them all.


In Year 5 and 6 we started our computing aspects of this theme week by exploring the programme Microsoft PowerPoint. The children have been set the task of creating a presentation using hyperlinks to make their presentation as interactive as possible. Here are the children getting down to business. 

Welcome to Miss Aslam!


My name is Miss Aslam. I am currently studying PGCE primary education at Edge hill university and am now enjoying my placement in year 5/6. I have always had a passion for working with children. I work part time at a private nursery alongside my studies, this helps me to continue to increase and develop my skills. I have worked across all age ranges.  Each year I have experienced many different things within a classroom, this has raised my passion for working with children, I enjoy supporting children to reach their goal and continue to work on areas they are struggling with. I am a motivated student who loves to seek a challenge. As well as university and working, I enjoy keeping active. I believe looking after your health is an important part of life. I also enjoy listening to music as this helps me release any stress I have. 

I Like to Move It Move It!

I like to Move it Move it!


Year 5/6 have been designing and building their own moving toys, based on their WWII experience. They have used a range of different materials and have included cams and shafts to create a working model.


What fabulous Design and Technology skills our children have! Take a look at some of our amazingly creative designs.

Helping Harold the WW1 Soldier in Science 


Today our scientists received a letter from Harold, a soldier fighting in the trenches in World War 1. He needed our help to find a way to spy on the enemy without putting his head above the trench. We got straight to it and found we could make a periscope to help him and his fellow soldiers. Scientist Josh drew a diagram and explained how by using mirrors we could reflect light from one end to another. 

Year 6 SATs Information Evening

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Y6 Sat Information evening. For those parents who could not attend we have posted the presentation below. If you have any questions please contact the Year 6 Team.

Year 5 and 6 Recommended Reading List 


Reading is a focus for school improvement and one area in particular we are focusing on is the variety of texts our children read. Please find below a selection of high quality fiction and non fiction books we strongly believe your child will enjoy.

Imperial War Museum 

Today Y5 went to the Imperial War Museum in Salford to gain a further insight into their World War topic. We took part in a workshop where we had to create documentaries to help tell the story of WW2 that we thought was most important. Isabelle said,  “ This was my favourite part because you got to explore the whole museum in a team.”

We also explored the special exhibition about present day war In Yemen, where the children were encouareged to explore the similarities and differences of war then and now. Tom said, “ I really enjoyed the Yemen exhibition because you get to learn about a Civil war, not just a World War. 

The children were very fortunate indeed to meet veterans from World War 2 that were visiting the museum on that day.  Connie said, “ I really enjoyed meeting the veterans”. The children asked very sensitive questions and discovered what whilst one gentleman survived, he lost his arm as a Paratrooper. 

The children were also given time to explore the galleries using an activity trail to help them find new knowledge. Ella said “ I really liked smelling the mystery smells and guessing what they were, especially the smelly feet from WW1 trenches”.