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Our Subject Intent

At Ludworth we intend to use our PSHE curriculum to ensure our children have the knowledge, understanding and skills to cope with and positively contribute to the ever-changing world around them in a respectful and safe manner. We aim to provide safe space for children to practice skills such as decision making, informed risk taking, self-regulation and good communication allowing them to discuss “big ideas” and make mistakes now with no or low cost. We aim to equip children with the knowledge to create and curate positive, healthy relationships both in the real and digital domain, promoting good communication and commitment skills. In alignment with our Science curriculum, we also ensure that children have the appropriate knowledge to understand and navigate the physical and emotional changes within their bodies.

Circle Time

At Ludworth we do this by delivering our PSHE and Online Safety lessons through circle time – as a class we create a safe space to share opinions, experiences and to make the mistakes the come along side learning these life skills. The children set circle time rules together with their new class each year and agree on following these rules to allow everyone to have a voice. We use mixers to ensure children are working in a variety of different groups and energisers to keep our learning active.


Children’s wellbeing is at the forefront of what we do here at Ludworth, as staff we spend time investing in our relationships with children, we ensure that we know our children well in order to notice changes and support children when necessary. Throughout their time in school we train children to be Restorative Champions, in these sessions children are not only taught about resolving conflict in relationships but also about initiating and maintaining them. Children also have the opportunity to participate in Seeds of Happiness training which helps them to reflect on their own wellbeing and explicitly teaches strategies to support mindfulness and self-regulation. We use the Bounce Together platform to monitor the wellbeing of our students through surveys, we use the data we gather to inform what wellbeing opportunities will best support all of our children.