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Design Technology - Levers and Linkages


We have been learning about different lever and linkage mechanisms this term. We explored the mechanisms by making our own using card and split pins. We were then set the task of applying our knowledge about mechanisms to design and make a moving picture of a bird. Of course, we decided to make our class birds. Some of us decided to make flapping wings and feathers, some of us made wobbling legs and some of us focused on chattering beaks. We had to work out which mechanism would help us create the movement we needed. We also had to think about how to disguise the mechanisms and how to create a smart and polished finish to our products. The making process was a very big challenge for us, we had to solve lots of problems, share our knowledge and show great perseverance to achieve success. We also had to do some serious tidying up after each session. 

We are so pleased with our products, not only do the look fabulous, but they really do move. 




Writing and craft skills- poetry, life cycles,mosaics and some fab creative writing!

Shape poems
Life cycle of a swan
A fantastic piece of writing from a successful swan.i

Creating posters about our class birds!

Bird Art - Week 1