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We recognise the vital importance of Physical Activity for every child's development; physically, cognitively and socially as well as their overall wellbeing. At Ludworth, we want all children to understand the positive benefits of being Physically Active throughout their life.  Children will be inspired to participate cooperatively and develop a sense of pride to confidently flourish in a range of opportunities that enhance independence to challenge themselves to be their very best selves. 

We are committed to encouraging participation of all children in an engaging and energetic curriculum as well as developing excellence in Physical Education and elite School Sport.


Our PE/ PD lessons are supported by a Specialist PE Teacher working with every class over a half term. This is to ensure the highest quality of PE lessons are being taught whilst ensuring our Teachers' knowledge and skills are updated and in line with current research and agendas. 

Being aligned with the most recent 'Get Active' (2023) strategy, our PE/ PD offer extends far beyond our commitment to 2 hours of PE sessions per week. We are keen to incorporate our Ludworth apporach to the 'Daily Mile'. We were the first primary school in Stockport to be advocates of the national agenda, yet have devised our own 'Smile for a While' approach. Moreover, this year we have developed our offer to ensuring Playtimes and Lunchtimes are as physically active as possible. This has been achieved through our Child Leadership- Sports Ambassadors, with the arrival of the 'collaborative, imaginative creative PlayPOD', promoting health and wellbeing of all learners, continuously.