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School Values

Reception and Key Stage One


During your time in Reception and Key Stage One, you learn and follow the 7 Golden

Rules of our school. They are organised in a rainbow and once your teacher thinks

you have demonstrated that you fully understand and follow that Golden Rule, they

will send a postcard home to tell everyone at home how well you are doing.




We are gentle, kind and helpful – we don’t hurt others


We work hard – we don’t waste our own or others’ time


We help teachers to teach and everyone to learn – we don’t make the work of adults harder

Good Listener

We listen – we don’t interrupt

Respect Property

We look after property - we don’t waste or damage things


We’re honest – we don’t cover up the truth

Team Work

We all do things every day to help make Ludworth even better

Once you have collected all 7 colours of the rainbow, you will be given your Boat Badge:

this means you are ready to set sail to the Ludworth Leadership Lighthouse…



Key Stage Two

During your time in Key Stage Two, you will work towards your Bronze, Silver and Gold

Lighthouse Badges. These are awarded when you have gained a certificate of

achievement in our 5 Leadership Expectations:


Showing Care and Respect


You achieve this certificate by treating everyone with the care and respect that they deserve.

Child Leaders think of others before themselves.


Making a Contribution


You achieve this certificate by doing small kindnesses every day to make things even better.

Child Leaders recognise their duty to make a contribution to help make Ludworth, their families & friends, the local community, their country and the world even better.


Continuously Improving


You achieve this certificate by taking responsibility to make continuous improvement to yourself.

Child Leaders work hard to make as much progress as they can and are happy to try new and challenging things.


Taking Group Responsibility


You achieve this certificate by working with others in a group to achieve the best that is possible.

Child Leaders listen to others and work well alongside them. They play their part in ensuring their group, table, team or class work effectively as a whole and encourage others to develop and contribute too.


Inspiring Others


You achieve this certificate by behaving with character and integrity, thus motivating others to behave likewise.

Child Leaders inspire others through their personal commitment, hard work and enthusiasm.

These values are explored in greater detail each half term through our PSHE lessons and Assemblies:


Monday and Thursday Assembly themes

PSHE themes

Autumn A

Autumn B

Spring A

Spring B

Summer A

Summer B

Ludworth Leadership overarching theme

Showing Care and Respect

Making a Contribution

Continuously Improving

Group Responsibility

Inspiring Others

Displaying Leadership

Personal attributes and values






Mutual Respect





Team Work








British Values


The rule of law

Mutual respect and tolerance

Individual liberty


The rule of law

Mutual respect and tolerance

Individual liberty