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Year 1 Book Swop!

What a fantastic week in Rhino Class exploring villains and fairy tales.

What a scary bunch we make...!


Who is the mystery villain?


Conscience Alley...

Rhino class started our Communication and Languages theme week (Inside the Villains) by thinking about alternative perspectives in Circle Time. Was the wolf in the Three Little Pigs really ‘bad’ or was he just doing what wolves do? The children made a decision after much discussion then created a conscience alley for the wolf to walk down. 
Exploring human and physical features at the seaside!
Jaguar Class use ‘Magic Microphone’ to get in character!

Active Maths in Rhino Class

Rhino Class learn about the British Isles

Can you guess which country each group made?

Supporting sorting in Science!

Rhino class ‘reading pictures’ from Flotsam

The children used their observation skills to look closely at what they could see in each picture. Then they thought about what the boy was looking at, what he was doing and how he was feeling.
Multi-Cultural Arts Week

Jaguars jumping!


Today in our outdoor P.E. lesson we were learning about jumping in a variety of ways.  Throughthe lesson we focussed on techniques to help us jump more effectively, efficiency and we made sure we were working safely at all times.  We warmed up by playing ‘squares’ then developed our jumping skills through a series of games like musical hoops and rope swings before practising pendulum skipping.  

Developing Computing Skills


Jaguar Class have been learning new skills in the computer suite. We have used the Nessy Fingers programme to develop our typing skills. We know how to place our fingers on the keyboard and use different letter keys from the basic ‘home’ position.

Rhino Class exploring how to use a compass


Today (7.1.20) Rhino class took their Geography lesson outside and explored how to use a compass. They found North, South, East and West and observed what they could see in each direction.

Christmas fun!

Jaguar Class complete their London Landmarks


Miss Howkins joins Jaguar Class 


My name is Kate Howkins and I am currently in my second year at Edge Hill University studying primary education. I specialise in English and Physical education. I have always wanted to be a primary school teacher from a very early age idolising my class teachers in addition to gaining experience helping out in a range of primary schools in my area. Last year on my placement at Chelford C.E. Primary I worked in years 5 and 6 but this year I cannot wait to work in year 1 at Ludworth, I have always wanted to teach in key stage 1 and hope to teach this age group in the future in a full time position.

When I am not at university I am a football coach for children 18 months to 5 years of age working on developing children skills in football. I also love to dance in a range of subjects from ballet to broadway jazz. In the summer holidays I teach at my dance school with children 2 to 13 years teaching ballet, tap and working on the children’s technique and flexibility in stretch class.  I hope to incorporate my love of sports and the arts into my love of teaching making lessons fun and engaging for all children of all abilities and I cannot wait for this opportunity at Ludworth Primary! 

Designing and Making London Landmarks

Today Rhino and Jaguar Classes worked in teams to design and make a London landmark. The children looked at the materials available, talked together and drew a design to follow. They selected the appropriate equipment and had a funtastic time creating their models. Finally, they evaluated their models and decided what their next steps would be in order to complete the project tomorrow. 

Rhino Class 

Rhino class have been learning new skills in the computer suite. We have used the Nessy Fingers programme to develop our typing skills. We know how to place our fingers on the keyboard and use different letter keys from the basic position.

Budding engineers in action!



Reports about London


Year 1 spent most of Friday creating a non chronological report on London Landmarks. Here is our writing journey:


Jaguar Class become quiz masters!

Year 1 consolidate their learning on London

by becoming tour guides!


Our Writing Journey


Over the last two weeks Year 1 have been examining fiction and non-fiction texts and learning about the differences between them.  They are beginning to understand that non-fiction texts have key features such as a contents page, index, sometimes a glossary, headings, sub-headings, photographs, diagrams and information presented using diagrams, fact boxes and quizzes etc.  


We set them the challenge to write an information sheet about Autumn, which they would be presenting to the children in Reception.  This challenge was aimed at consolidating their learning about plants, trees and seasonal changes that we have been examining in science and help develop their presentation skills.


In groups, the children began by planning their heading, sub-headings and how they would present the information in an engaging way for our Reception Classes.


We examined a range of non-fiction texts, including science magazines to magpie ideas for presenting information and the children really liked the quiz format, hidden flaps and presenting information within relevant shapes.   


Finally this week, Jaguar Class presented their work to children in Reception and what an awesome job they did!  

They confidently explained what they had learnt and asked Reception a range of questions about Autumn, including which animals hibernate, what deciduous and evergreen trees do and much more!  Our Reception Classes were equally impressive as they could answer many of the questions and posed their own back to Jaguar Class!  

So proud are we of the work Jaguar Class has produced that we invited Miss Vose, our Deputy Head and English Lead into class to see what we have been up to!  Well done, everyone!



Raising money for Children in Need 



Jaguar Class practise moving with control.
Rhino Class Firework Fun

Rock Star Baking!

Rhino and Jaguar classes had lots of learning fun baking Rock Star Buns. We weighed out the specific amounts for each ingredient and read the scales to make sure it was correct. 

Let the battle commence!


Jaguar Class were extremely excited to play Times Table Rock Stars for the first time this week!

The children learnt how to login to their account by typing in their username and password and choose their Rock Star name.  They were particularly excited about earning coins, so they could spend them on cool rock star accessories in the shop! The children learnt how to use the keypad and ‘enter’ button on a PC to quickly type answers to the questions and also learnt how to logout of their account. 

We talked about the different strategies to recall times tables facts, for example, by counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s on our fingers; for the 10 times table, adding 0 to the number, e.g. 4x10=40, 5x10=50 and noticed that when you count up in 5s, the numbers always end in 5 or 0.  For division facts, we talked about using the language of ‘lots of’, so for 40 divided by 10, think about how many ‘lots of’ 10 are in 40. 

Jaguar Class Rock Out!


Rhino class using our outdoor environment to learn all about seasonal changes.

Jaguar Class display their rugby prowess!


Rob from Marple Rugby Club delivered a masterclass on rugby skills today!

The children enjoyed practised their passing and dodging skills and thoroughly enjoyed playing tiggy tiggy toilet - a game designed to strengthen their arms, legs and shoulders!


Learning about deciduous and evergreen trees.


Ordering objects in maths



Observing seasonal changes

Year 1 go on a nature walk!


Harvest Festival Celebrations



The Naughty Bus embarks on a new adventure...


Armed with the Naughty Bus and an iPad, year 1 took to the school grounds this week to create their own Naughty Bus adventures! They came up with some very mischievous ideas and worked effectively as a team to set up their scenes and take photographs of them.

Next week the children will use these photos to write their Naughty Bus stories.

Cracking cricketing skills on display in Year 1!


Observations of an oak tree.




Treasure Hunt


Jaguar Class got out and about in the sunshine this week for an exciting treasure hunt!

This was our fundraising activity to raise money to adopt a jaguar through the World Wide Fund for Nature.

The class worked extremely well in their teams to solve the clues; their search took them all over the school grounds and they all successfully found the treasure!


Exhibition of Endangered Animals


Today we went into the hall for our whole school exhibition which showcased all the learning that has taken place during our themed week, ‘Here today, gone tomorrow...’.  We learnt so many interesting facts about penguins, lions, pandas, turtles, leopards to name a few and were inspired by the superb art work!


As a class we discussed which were our favourite parts. “I liked the turtles because of the pastel drawings.” “I liked the year 5 ones.  The Orangutan’s one looks like the water is real!” “I like the penguins because the work is good, I like the penguin huddle.” “I like the tiger hats!”

Jaguar Class’s Exhibition

Outdoor P.E.


Our First Week!

Here today, gone tomorrow...


The children have had a brilliant few days back in school and are settling into Year One extremely well!

This week we have introduced our themed fortnight, ‘Here today, gone tomorrow...’ and have started to learn interesting facts about our class animals.  The children have written key facts about their respective animals, such as what they look like and eat and we have also completed lots of arts and crafts.  


Rhino class have had a great start to the year. We have been learning all about the different types of Rhinos, where they live and what they eat. They have met ‘ Ronald the Rhino’ in English and have explored why he is special. 

Having fun in Rhino class!

Beautiful Book Butterflies- Rhino class