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Fabulous Fractions!

Year 5 have been representing fractions by using items from home. They are fantastic!

Smarties Fractions!

Raven's Forest School Thursday

Year 5 had fun in the forest this week, building towers from natural resources, climbing trees and tyre racing!

Maths and Computing Week: The Escape Room

This week, we have been constructing our own escape rooms. Creating problems to solve, we asked our peers to figure out the answers to each question, the correct one passing through the door to the next room and question, until, they escape!

Escape from the forest!

In maths, year 5 have used a huge array of skills to solve problems and crack the code to escape from the forest. We tried our hardest to crack the code and used many maths skills, some were: rounding, inverse operation, reading graphs, multiplication and code breaking. The questions were hidden around the forest for us then to answer.

By Emily and Megan

Oreos in the night sky!

In science today we used scientific skills, such as observations over time, to investigate how the moon’s appearance seems to change over time - this is known as the different phases of the moon. We considered the moon cycle using Oreo biscuits!

Written by Linus and Oliver. Nightingale Class.

Nightingales in the forest!

The Nightingale Nest

A Haven of Ravens