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Mythical Monsters!


In English we have been looking at Myths and Legends. This week we created our own mythical monster. We thought about how it might move, what it looks like, what it eats and where in the world it can be found. We then went on to planning a descriptive piece on our monster. We starting by thinking of words, then moved onto phrases, which then ended with sentences. After that we used our green pens to edit our plans to make them even better!



D.T - making frames

This week we have been making frames out of wood. We had to measure, cut and glue the wood.


The Great Outdoors - curriculum week

Right Angle Maths


In maths this week we are looking at shape. Today we have been exploring right angles.


New Unit of Science - Light

Class Assembly by India Class 


India Class presented lots of information about the Peak District and shared their learning from this term with Key Stage 2 and their parents. They then took part in a Circle Time session with their parents afterwards. 

Maps of Castleton

Trip Write-up!


This week we have been writing about our trip to Castleton. We used images to help explain what was happening. We also made a collage of the images.


A trip out to Castleton 


We all visited Castleton in the Peak District as part of our geography topic. We explored Peveril Castle, went to the information centre and also took a walk along Winnats Pass. We undertook a ‘tourist challenge’ by buying, writing and sending a postcard, buying a souvenir and treating ourselves to an ice-cream. 

It was typical British weather and rained all day, we didn’t let this dampen our fun. The teachers were very impressed with our map reading skills! 

Ready for the Oscars 

The Big Leap 


We all took part the Stockport SHAPES Alliance Big Leap.

We had so much fun trying to beat our own personal targets.

Sketching Skills 
Maps of Castleton
Brilliant Bones 
The Big Leap...

Saving the Island!


The past two weeks we have been helping Norman and the Land of Neverbelieve. The children worked hard on finding a resolution to a problem and have now transferred this into a beautiful fairy tale story. Which of course ended with a happy ending!


Finding Fractions


This week in maths we have been finding fractions of an amount. We started off with unit fractions but then moved onto harder fractions. We used pictures, counters and other resources to help us. We are all experts at this now!


Arts Week - Something’s Fishy at Ludworth


We have enjoyed exploring a variety of art techniques including tile printing, painting and pencil sketching.

Tennis Lesson with Kennan from Brabyn's Tennis Club

Computing - Miss Truelove

Money Matters in Year 3 and 4


This week we have been learning about money. We have counted, compared and ordered different money amounts presented in a variety of ways. We have also converted between the units of pounds and pence. Today we created ordering challenges for our classmates to complete. 

Measurement in Maths

This week we have focused on measurement. We have been ordering, converting, adding and subtracting lengths. We have been working on our beautiful layout and using a ruler to keep the lines straight and a certain length. 

Mr Tennant’s Maths Group - Finding fractions of amounts

Magnificent Mummies


Today we worked in pairs to write a story based on cartoons and speech bubbles from a book about a family of mummies. We had to remember to use all of the correct punctuation for writing direct speec and use a range of synonyms for said. We highlighted our super punctuation in yellow so you can see it. 

Comparing Decimals


We used digit cards to help us find different ways to make the number sentence ‘true’. 

Junior Stem - Lego robotics workshop 


Nick taught us how to make a Lego merry-go-rounds, which used Bluetooth to link to a coding app on the tablets. We created codes to make the merry-go-rounds change speed and direction while turning. We also got to add sound effects and speech bubbles. Once we had shown Nick that we could do the basic programming, he gave us some programming challenges to complete. 

Evan was the first to finish!

Still image for this video

This ride is called ‘GO’ by George and Oscar.

Still image for this video

Finding fractions of amounts using bar models 


This week we have been using bar models to help us find fractions of amounts. This links really closely to dividing, using our multiplication facts to help us. We had to decided which offer of money we would prefer! 

Canopic Jars 


We have made our own canopic jars using mod-roc. It was a very messy process, but we are all pleased with our sculptures. Next, we used acrylic paint to decorate them - plus a sprinkling of gold glitter. 

World Book Day 


We celebrated WBD19 by dressing up as book characters. 

Journey by Aaron Becker

Finding Fractions


We have been exploring fractions in maths this week. We have investigated different ways to show fractions and and how fractions are a way of showing a ‘whole’ split into equal parts. We have also found equivalent fractions. 

Topic - Mummification


We have been learning about the process of mummification. We ordered the different steps and then acted them out in the classroom. 

Computing - iMovie projects

Still image for this video
We made our own spooky films about an Ancient Egyptian Mummy! We filmed and took photos of our acting and then added text on iMovie. Then we experimented with different filters to make the story even scarier. This week we are showing them on our own classes big screen.

Finding the Perimeter of Letters


We have been learning how to find the perimeter of regular shapes and shapes made from rectangles. We have investigated which letters from the alphabet can be made using rectangles, drew them out and then counted their perimeter.

Trip to Bolton Museum


We had lots of fun visiting Bolton Museum this week. We had an opportunity to walk around the museum and follow a trail of questions. Then we had a fantastic Egyptian workshop where we held a stone from the real Pyramids of Giza! We got to see lots of other Ancient Egyptian artefacts too. 

Maths and Computing Week


The theme of this week was ‘Game On’. We have explored how to keep safe when playing online games, become programmers both off and online and have created our own avatars for TTRock Stars.


Multi Sports with Mrs Hogg 


Some of the children in Year 3/4 are having weekly PE lessons with a specialist PE teacher called Mrs Hogg. 

Today we were indoors because of the snow - this didn’t stop us developing lots skills. We worked on our own and with a partner on throwing and catching a bean bag. We even had to challenge ourselves by putting one hand behind our back - that was really tricky. We are working on our hand-eye coordination and team work throughout the term.

Sew, Sew, Sew Joseph!


We have started sewing our panels to make Joseph’s coat for our production at the end of term. We had to show great perseverance and skill to thread the needle and sew the outlines using a running stitch. We helped each other out when we got in a muddle (sometimes the scissors had to be used!). Everyone’s panels will eventually be sewn together to make the technicoloured coat! We think all of the colours look amazing together. 

Football Skills

This term we will be developing our football skills in PE. Despite a rather frosty start to the day, we still managed to get outside and play a variety of small team games where we had to do short and long passes. We then played lots of quick matches in teams of 4. We developed our team strategies with each game. 

Peppermint Creams 


Today we made and decorated our own festive peppermint creams. We mixed egg white, food colouring and flavouring with icing sugar to make the sweets. We then melted chocolate and used lots of sprinkles to decorate them. We can’t wait to take them home in specially created festive boxes as gifts for our families. 

Pop-up Cards


Our Design Technology topic this term has been based on mechanical systems. We have learnt about linkages and levers and created our own greeting cards using a range of mechanical systems. Each movement requires an input and the movement created is called an output. The 3 classrooms became elf workshops this morning as we all set to work to create our cards. We hope the recipients of the cards enjoy making them move as much as we enjoyed actually making them. 


Lights, Camera, Action!


Over the last few weeks we have been learning about TV news reports. We have written scripts for presenters and reporters, including interviews of witnesses. Today we worked in mixed classes to show our scripts in action. There were reports about stolen biscuits, missing children and mysterious star in the sky above Bethlehem. We have really enjoyed this English unit, especially the acting part! 

Religious Visitors 


Today we took part in a Multi-cultural workshop to learn about Taoism, Hinduism and Islam. We were taught about how the different religions impact on everyday life, here in England. We learnt that all of the religions encourage people to be kind to themselves and to one another. Our visitors brought artefacts for us to look at, as well as traditional clothing.  We took part in drama, dance and tai chi activities. 

Science - Fossilisation

We explored how fossils form by making our own using chocolate and brute strength! We also learnt about the 3 types of rock: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. 

Nativity freeze frames and orienteering.

While some children in Year 3/4 went down to the church for choir and music rehearsals, the rest of 3/4 took part in an action packed morning. We created freeze frames to show different parts of the Nativity story and then used the iPads to add speech and thought bubbles for the different characters. We enjoyed sharing these with the other groups. We then took part in an orienteering challenge PE lesson where we had to use a map to find parts of the Nativity story around the school grounds and then put them in the correct order. 

Rewind to Christmas for Year 4

We were treated to quizzes, games and fantastic craft activities at the W.I. in Marple. Everyone had a great time exploring the values and messages behind Christmas.


Nativity Puppet Shows 

Year 3 worked in small groups to create their own puppets and scenery to re-tell the story of the Nativity.

Collaborative team work and creative skills produced some fabulous puppets. 

Using a ruler accurately 

We have been learning how to measure lengths with a ruler with increasing accuracy. We then had to convert the measurements from cm to mm. some of the measurements were decimal numbers. We used our measurements to compare the different lengths. 

Presenting the Fr-News


This week we have been learning about T.V. news reports. We worked in groups of three to create a news report about the discovery of a mysterious giant egg in the North Pole. We took on the roles of a presenter,  reporter and witness. 

Learning about Soil Layers

We will remember them!


This term we have been developing our painting skills in our weekly art lessons. We have explored mixing colours, tones and shades with watercolours and how to use different brushes to achieve different results. We designed our own poppy field composition and then painted them on our own choice of paper. All of the paintings are stunning - these photos show just some of the art work created. 

Getting ready for an Iron Age Battle 


Today we gathered as the villagers of Farmley. Our mighty chief has died and his young son is going to be our new chief. At first, we were unsure if he would be a good chief and held a village meeting to discuss our views earlier in the week. Radnor’s mum convinced him to come and speak to us and show us he would be just as good as his father. Our village is about to be attacked and he needs to ensure we are all ready to go to battle and fully support him. Radnor got us to chant and bang our weapons in time to scare off our attackers.


*you may notice that Radnor looks very similar to Miss Thomas - this lesson is part of the whole school approach to learning called DEAL (dramatic engagement and active learning). 




Science - Hardness of Rocks

Multiplying and Dividing by 10 and 100


This week we have been learning about what happens to the value of digits when you multiply or divide them by 10 or 100. We then used this knowledge to solve problems. 

Science - Harness of Rocks

Leadership Lighthouse Circle Time 


During our circle time last week we thought about different ways we can earn our lighthouse badge. As a table we discussed one area of the leadership lighthouse and wrote down different things we could do as evidence towards our certificates. We thought of lots of great ideas! 

Strictly Come Dancing


Japan class really enjoyed when we took part in the Strictly Come Dancing workshop before half term. We learnt lots of different styles of dance which some of us had never heard of before. We had to make sure we had the correct posture, moves and facial expressions!

What makes a good friend?

This week, in Circle Time, we discussed what made a good friend and what doesn’t make a good friend. We wrote each thing on a piece of paper and then ranked them in order of importance. We are all trying to be ‘good’ friends to everyone in our class. 

Peer to Peer Teaching 


Miss Thomas’s group have been teaching each other to use column addition this week. They had to exchange some of the digits after they added them together because they were too big to stay in the column. They used huge place value charts and counters to help them undertand what happens to the digits when they are exchanged. They set each other different challenges to complete. Later in the week, the children set their own difficulty rating by selecting a chilli challenge worksheet to complete. Miss Thomas was very impressed with all the teachers in the room. Everyone in the group can now exchange and carry over using column addition - WOW! 

Stone Age Day

After discovering CCTV footage of some Stone Age people in school, we found a secret scroll from them which gave us some clues about the activities for our Stone Age themed day. 

Today we have hunted wild animals, foraged for food in the woods, learnt about how Stone Age people cooked, created cave paintings and made  Stone Age animals from clay. We also whittled our own spears to go hunting with and made wooden picture frames for some art made from natural resources. Phew! What a day of learning! 

We will be using these experiences to write detailed diary entries about a day in the life of a Stone Age boy/girl. 

When Art lessons happen in Science Week...


Today we conducted experiments with milk, food dye and washing up liquid. We poured the milk into a tray, let it settle, then added some food dye. We then introduced washing up liquid to the mix and that is when the magic happened. The washing up liquid seemed to push the coloured milk around the tray. It looked like milky fireworks! We found out that the washing up liquid is designed to attract fatty molecules, and because we used whole fat milk, there were plenty of fatty molecules for it to collect. As these teeny tiny molecules moves towards the washing up liquid, the milk’s surface area was disturbed and this is how the dye moved around! 

We then used the food dye to make colour wheels on filter paper - we used pipettes to carefully drop the dye onto the paper and then allowed the primary colours to bleed into each other to create the secondary colours. 

Making Sushi


Last week we had a whole day learning more about our country Japan. We were very excited to make sushi using carrots and cucumber! We all made a roll of sushi and we also tried wasabi peas and miso soup. It was fun being able to try different food and learn about what tastes we liked or didn’t!!!

Science - Magnets

Science - Surfaces

Weekly Art Lessons


This week we have been learning how to make secondary colours using primary colours. We also explored how to make different shades and tints of a colour by changing the amount of each primary colour used.