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Physical and Wellbeing Week - 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Ludworth Celebrates British Science Week 2021


Children undertook a variety of scientific investigations last week to celebrate British science week.  The investigations ranged from finding out the best conditions for plants to grow in Owl class, designing pulley systems in Nightingale class and playing Herd Immunity Jenga in Raven class, while Kingfisher class experimented with creating colours after reading their class book 'In My Heart' which talks about the colour of feelings.  Here are just a few of the fabulous examples of the childrens' work.



World Book Day at Ludworth!

Children immersed themselves in a wide range of activities linked to World Book Day this year demonstrating not only their love of reading, but also their creative talents through writing, art work, role play and many more. 


Ludworth's Masked Readers instigated the detective nature within children and many giggled away whilst trying to determine who the reader was behind the mask! 


Take a look below to see just a few of the super work that children enjoyed creating. 


Communication and Languages Week - Collage Project

Across Ludworth this week, we have been exploring and learning all about different cultures and languages that wrap around the world and surround us locally! From creating menus and discovering festivals to scoping out Manchester’s diverse and multicultural background.

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