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Ball control skills.


 Following our warm up when the children took great delight in moving around the playground as Mr and Miss Rush, Slow, Wobbly, Sulk and Mr / Miss Bounce, our focus in P.E. this week has been on rolling a ball accurately to hit a target.  The children showed great listening skills and worked well as a team to give each other tips on how to successfully hit the target.  Everyone worked hard and lots of children were able to score several points by hitting the cone!  Well done!

Active Maths


Our focus this week has been on learning directions and words to describe the position of objects.  Key words we have learnt are full, half, quarter and three-quarter turns; left, right, up, down, above, below, through, over and under.

So, in teams, the children constructed an obstacle course and in pairs, practised giving one another instructions on how to complete the course!  The children rotated around the different courses, which included the outdoor adventure playground.  Much fun was had by all and they devised some brilliant obstacle courses. I think this is an activity we will return to, not least because it gave the children a good opportunity to practise their team working skills.

Phonics Screening Check


Here is the powerpoint presentation the Year 1 team talked through this evening at the Phonics Evening Workshop.  

The last slide contains the website links we referred parents to, including links to the videos we watched.



Celebrating in style!


We have immersed ourselves in the forthcoming Royal Wedding this week, learning to write party invitations to our friends and in maths, we practised halving quantities when we prepared our picnic lunch.  The children were able to apply their creative skills too as they each made decorative crowns which glittered and gleamed in the sunshine!



Once upon a time at Ludworth....

Attenborough Class does Art Week!


What a fabulous creative week we’ve had! The children demonstrated their amazing team working, creative, listening and collaborative skills to produce a range of art installations with children from across the school! 


The woodland was taken over by magical trees created by all the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and using drawings by our Reception children, children from across the school created collages of the characters from fairy tales.  


In class, we made our own dioramas based on our specific fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.  Here are some photographs of the children’s dioramas!





Learning to measure


In maths this week, the children have been learning to measure, using non-standard units such as straws and multi-link cubes.  

They selected objects from around the classroom and compared their size.  


Some children selected objects that were too large to measure using multi-link cubes, which prompted a discussion about the importance of selecting the most appropriate tool to measure with.  We were able to find out how tall the top half of the whiteboard was, using rulers and found it to be 90cm tall.  




Our lesson on measuring using non-standard units inspired some children, during choosing time, to measure their Lego creations!

Attenborough Class Assembly


Well done to all the children for putting on such a wonderful class assembly!

They worked incredibly hard and showed great team work, showcasing just some of what they’ve learnt so far this year.


The children were keen to share some interesting facts about Sir David Attenborough, penguins and sharks.  They also managed to teach the audience some Spanish! 


Here are some jellyfish who featured during our performance...

Attenborough Class does Maths and Computing Week

Still image for this video

Our Underwater Adventure!

Still image for this video

Simon Bartram, author of ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘Bob’s Best Ever Friend’ visits Ludworth!


On Thursday, Key Stage One pupils thoroughly enjoyed meeting author and illustrator Simon Bartram.

The children were enthralled as Simon read ‘Man on the Moon’ and learned about Bob, who does not believe in aliens!


The children created names for three of the aliens in the story - Bob 2, Slimy and Diddy and helped Simon to create a new alien character!


The children got the chance to put some questions to Simon and wanted to know how long he has been writing books, which book got the best reaction when published and what inspired him to start writing. 


Simon had some valuable advice for Ludworth’s budding authors: word hard and practise, practise, practise! 

World Book Day


We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today and dressing up as characters from our favourite books. 

The children shared their favourite books, which some children had brought in.  The children were able to summarise the plot and give reasons why others should read the books!


Our trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium



The children were so surprised when they saw a huge shark glide past the window of the tank!



Excitedly, the children ventured through the underwater tunnel. Lots of

squeals of delight could be heard when they saw the creatures up close and personal.



Look who we found in the shark's spare set of teeth!



The children even got to stroke a spiky starfish!


We loved our trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium and have gathered lots of facts - which Attenborough Class will be using in their Class Assembly!  We are looking forward to reading the children's recounts of our trip! 


Year one Earhart class have been having lots of fun playing active high 5 maths games outside.