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Here at Ludworth we understand the importance of educating our children to be valued members of society, contributing to an all -inclusive world. We strive to develop in them an understanding of the major religions and cultures of the world. We instil a sense of acceptance and enjoyment when learning about religions and cultures and inspire children to want to find out more about the similarities and differences in everyone. 

In recent years, we have developed our curriculum to ensure we are providing our children with a broad range of opportunities and experiences to understand the world they live in.  


We have followed the Stockport Agreed Syllabus in R.E. since 2016 which was updated in 2022. The syllabus encompasses more than simply learning about the major religions of the world. It has 3 strands, Expressing, Believing and Living. From EYFS to Year 6, the children develop knowledge and skills to help them to understand who they are and to equip them on their journey to becoming part of a global community. Each unit in our curriculum comes from an initial question, ranging from What is special about our world? in EYFS, to What can be done to reduce racism?  in Year 6. In addition to this, each Year group enriches the R.E. & Cultural curriculum with either external class trips and/or visitors in school, including cross-curricular links.  For example, Year 2 trip to Manchester Jewish Museum, Christians in Schools Trust workshops across all year groups which directly link to the Stockport syllabus, Chinese cultural workshops in Key stage 1, participation in Easter and Christmas workshops in Year 5 and South & West African Drumming music in Year 6. 


Our latest enrichment programme is in Year 3. We are now part of Stockport’s Schools Linking Programme which is organised by Stockport’s Ethnic Diversity Service. “The Schools Linking Programme brings together 2 classes from demographically diverse schools.  The programme is nationally recognised as offering a positive, age appropriate, curriculum response to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC), British values and the Prevent duty. Linking offers meaningful experiences whilst supporting children as they explore identity and diversity, champion equality and develop dialogue.”  


The table below shows the R.E. journey children take at Ludworth:






Which stories are special and why?


Which people are special and why?



What is special about our world?

KS1 (Y1)

What does it mean to belong to a faith community?


Who is Christian and what do they believe?


What makes some places sacred?


KS1 (Y2)

Who is Jewish and what do they believe?


How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times?


Who is Muslim and what do they believe?




LKS2 Year 3

How do people from religious & non-religious communities celebrate key festivals?


What do different people believe about God?


What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?



LKS2  Year 4




Why do some people think that life is a journey and what significant experiences mark this?

Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?



What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?


UKS2  Year 5

Why do some people believe God exists?


If God is everywhere why go to a place of worship?


What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?


USK2  Year 6

What do religions say to us when life gets hard?


What can be done to reduce racism? Can religion help?


What matters most to Christians and Humanists?