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Autumn B - The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

Week 7 & 8

The last two weeks of school have had a big focus on CHRISTMAS! We have made fingerprint fairy lights, melted snowman cards and orange slice Christmas decorations. In the provision we have been practicing our reading using sound baubles. We have also performed our nativity in front of our parents which we really enjoyed doing. It has been a busy few weeks and we are looking forward to our Christmas break.

Week 6

This week has had a big focus on maths and phonics. We have had lots of different maths and phonics activities around the room to complete. This included things like, tricky word hunt, shopping list writing and tower building to match the number sentences. The teachers have been really impressed with the progress and confidence children have shown in their maths, reading and writing this week.

Week 5

This week we learnt that the dark is wonderful. We met an old man who was looking at space through a telescope. Therefore our provision was themed around space. We made name rockets, threaded planets and counted moon rocks to match the number rockets. The children have been really interested in the different planets and finding out more about life outside of Earth. We learnt about the order of the planets and even about how the planets orbit!

Week 4

This week we learnt that the dark is fun. We met a Boy Scout who needed help collecting all his badges. We collected the badges throughout the week by stretching our brain and making good learning choices in the provision. For example we threaded scout badges, made shadow tubes, painted rocks with water and designed our own badges. 

Week 3

This week we met a cat who was lost in the big city. She needed help to make friends with nocturnal animals who could help her find her way home. We had activities around the room to help us learn about some nocturnal animals. For example, we played a matching game of animal shadows. During Welly Wednesday we had hot chocolate in the forest. It was very tasty!

Week 2

This week we met an old lady who told us the dark is good for giving us time to reflect and remember our memories. We thought about our past memories such as birthdays and Christmas. We made playdough birthday cakes and drew pictures of our favourite memories. 

Week 1

We have had a great first week of our new term. We have started the book ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. Our provision has been filled with bonfire and Halloween activities. This included scooping out pumpkins, bonfire ribbon dancing in P.E and skeleton drawing.