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Our Homework Ethos

We believe that primary school children need, above all, time outside school to pursue their own interests, play and rest. They don’t benefit from being pressurised by excessive amounts of work each night and each weekend, which they see as a stressful chore of little benefit. At the same time, we wish to use the opportunity to extend their development, skills and knowledge and it is our belief that modest amounts of focused work set for completion at home can be an invaluable addition to this learning process, provided it is underpinned by a number of important principles.


Setting work at home:

  • Gives parents/carers an opportunity to actively engage with their child’s learning.
  • Gives the opportunity for additional practice in reading, writing, maths and other vital skills such as the ability to research information.
  • Extends children’s interests.
  • Is an additional tool to challenge and develop children’s thinking and to help them achieve more of their potential, whatever their ability.
  • Promotes learning as an enjoying and fulfilling activity, wherever it takes place.
  • Ensures that primary school leavers at Year 6 have had some experience of completing work at home and will be better prepared for the challenges of secondary school education.

Our Current Homework Policy