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Our Learning Highlights

Talk Homework 30th June 2017

Please encourage your child to practise counting backwards. Start with counting backwards from 10, then 20. If your child is confident with this, try saying a different number and ask your child to count backwards to zero. Start within 20 and then try some larger numbers. When they are starting with larger numbers, there is no need to count all the way to zero every time. If your child needs more practice counting backwards from 10 or 20, it may be helpful to introduce a routine such as counting backwards every time they come up or down stairs, one number for each step.

Talk Homework for the Easter Holidays

This week we have been working with 2D shapes. Quite a few children are mixing up rectangles and triangles so please check whether your child can name them by hunting for shapes around the house. We are also beginning to talk about the properties of 2D shapes so when you are looking at a shape with your child, try asking them open questions such as "How do you know that it's a square and not a rectangle?" "What is the same about an oval and a circle?" or "Can you tell me 3 facts about that shape?". We are encouraging children to talk about how many sides and corners the shapes have as well as using vocabulary such as "long", "short" "straight" and "curved".

Talk Homework for 17th March

With your child, look at some of the pictures on the website from our airport trip. Use them as a starting point for asking some questions about the day eg Why is Thomas wearing that hat? What did you dress up as? How does the pilot land the plane? Where did you have lunch? What did you learn about Concorde? 

Spring Term 2

Let's talk all about it ! TALK HOMEWORK

From time to time we will be giving a "Talk homework". This is to encourage the children's speech and language skills, including talking in sentences, using interesting words and answering questions. As we have looking at stories for National Storytelling Week and with World Book Day being just around the corner, we would like to set another task with a book theme.

Many of you enjoyed the last home challenge so you can of course repeat the last 'Talk Task' as well as this new suggested activity!


Either :

- Choose a favourite book at home, look through it with your child and see if they can re-tell the story, using the pictures to prompt them. You could ask questions such as "What happens next?". "Why did she do that?" "How do you think he's feeling" to encourage them to think about the story. You can encourage your child to use more interesting/complex sentences by re-modelling what they say - for example if they say "He went up the hill.", you could repeat back "That's right, he climbed up the steep, grassy hill all the way to the top!"


- You could talk about your World Book Day character! As a family can you choose a story your character is from and act it out ? You could turn the story into a play script and decide which family member is which character, talk about who they are and how they feel.  Are there any similarities between your family and the fictional family? What are the differences? Can you take on a different role such as parents could become children and act a role-reversal talking about and describing how your character looks, feels and acts!


Thanks for your support in this - hopefully Talk Homework will be an enjoyable time with your child and can include the whole family too - siblings can get involved and everyone will benefit.


'Taking turns to talk' and learning when it is 'our turn' can be a rather challenging task and we will be focusing upon this aspect.

After watching Miss Thomas' class,our Year 3/4 reading friends, assembly we are so excited to be having our own 'Circle Time' sessions each week and our first focus will be discussing and establishing our own social rules for talking/communicating with each other.


Week 4: Week Commencing 30th January 2017 


We have a very exciting activity planned for Tuesday 31st January and Thursday 2nd February. As we are continuing with our Space theme we will be working with our friends in a group and making junk models 'Space related' with parents and carers.

Watch this space to discover what creations we will design, make and build!


Our Maths this week will be focused around addition and we will be adding body parts to create our own 'Addition Alien'. For example can you add 2more arms to you alien? What does 3 legs + 3 legs = ?! 

Can you think of a calculation and ask a friend or family member to create your own alien?

In our Literacy sessions we will be describing the models that we have made and how we have made them!


Weeks 3 and 4: Weeks Commencing Monday 23rd and 30th January 2017


We are continuing with our theme and talking all about space and here are just a few of our activities:

In our Literacy sessions are writing to an alien and asking them a question! During our P.E. session we will be launching into space, moving and negotiating space in the hall to music and getting into groups pretending to be 'Amazing Astronauts'!

On Friday we are going to be celebrating Chinese New Year.

Thank you to Daofei for bringing in lots of interesting decorations and items for us to share.

Week 2: Week Commencing Monday 16th January 2016

Our children have really enjoyed learning about Polar Regions and have particularly enjoyed our P.E. session. Can you ask you child to show you an Arctic Yoga position?!

We are very excited to be launching our next learning theme, chosen by our children, which is all about space. On Friday we will be sharing the story of 'Whatever Next' and acting it out as a class!