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Celebrating Year 1 Skills

Home Learning Achievements!


We asked you to tell us about your Home Learning highlights and you didn't disappoint us, Year 1!  


We continue to be amazed and proud of your hard work, enthusiasm, determination, independence, problem-solving, communication and listening skills!  


A massive well done to you all (including mums and dads!) and keep up the superb work!


Bonnie Basketball video.MOV

Still image for this video
Bonnie's brilliant basketball skills!
Picture 1 Alex's special Bog Baby
Picture 2 Alex G's description of his Bog Baby, Jeff!
Picture 3 Ava enjoyed learning about V.E. Day.
Picture 4 Bonnie's been working hard.
Picture 5 Jack's Bog Baby
Picture 6 Jacob's Bog Baby
Picture 7 James's very creative Bog Baby
Picture 8 Lucy working hard!
Picture 9 "Teddy enjoyed writing about 'Bob!"
Picture 10 Aela got a gold star for her science sorting!
Picture 11 Superb sorting and presentation, Tobyn!
Picture 12 Super writing about cotton mills, Eleanor!
Picture 13 Impressive writing skills from Emmy!
Picture 1 Ben's proud of his handwriting- so he should be!
Picture 2 Great teamwork with your brother, Ben!
Picture 3 Eleanor has persevered with her handwriting!
Picture 4 "Jack really enjoyed doing his maths this week."
Picture 5 Teddy loved practising his 10 times table to music
Picture 6 "Flora is really proud of her handwriting"
Picture 7 Emmy's first butterfly hatched!
Picture 8 Marvellous matching of un words by Sienna!
Picture 1 Super sorting of 'un' words by Ariadne
Picture 2 "I was so proud of this." Well done, Bonnie!
Picture 3 Alex got on his bike to investigate Andrew's mill
Picture 4 Alex designed a super island and added adjectives
Picture 5 Bringing history to life! Well done, James!
Picture 6 Kara 'Jumping to it!' Love the active maths!
Picture 7 Unbelievable 'un' work, Miss LIddle!
Picture 8 Super work, Ava!
Picture 9 Great problem solving from Ben A!
Picture 10 Jack hard at work constructing a water wheel!
Picture 11 Fantastic identification of plants, Jacob!
Picture 12 Keep up the hard work, Teddy!
Picture 1 Eleanor's on the star for her super sorting.
Picture 2 Bonnie's brilliant description of the Bog Baby.
Picture 3 “James was amazed when his water wheel worked!”
Picture 4 Super problem-solving skills by Emmy.
Picture 5 Alex with 'Alexander the Great', his water wheel!
Picture 6 Great creativity, Flora and effective engineering!
Picture 7 “Teddy tackled this task with enthusiasm!”
Picture 8 “Aela loved this project” We love the end result!
Picture 9 Incredible independent writing from Ava.
Picture 10 Kara's Hour of Code Certificate
Picture 11 “I concentrated very hard when I made my timeline”
Picture 12 Ariadne, planting and measuring sunflower seeds!
Picture 1 Eliza has been adding to 20
Picture 2 Emilia did some great sorting
Picture 3 George is testing his water wheel
Picture 4 A fantastic Easter tree by Grayson
Picture 5 Henry made a detailed timeline
Picture 6 Isabella drew a detailed map of Etherow
Picture 7 Great instructions for washing hair, thanks Leah!
Picture 8 Lovely description by Lucy of the Bog Baby.
Picture 9 Max has created a detailed description of Bog Baby
Picture 10 Philippa is having fun with measuring!
Picture 11 William has been busy with phonics and maths
Picture 12 Great coding, Sebastian!
Picture 13 A beautiful spring window display by Theodore.
Picture 1 Henry enjoying active maths jumping and measuring!