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Kingfisher Class last day fun!

We discussed and discovered facts about the Tokyo Olympics. Then we made our own medals, Olympic torches and learnt how to write numbers in Japanese. 

Spy School

Breaking codes, finding secret messages, working out clues, improving observation skills, learning how to be safe around a camp fire, being stealthy and healthy, completing missions and using creativity were all part of Kingfisher Spy School this week.

Puffin Class

Spy School: Final Mission

Kingfisher Class Sports Day Fun!

Puffin Class: 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Kingfisher Class

Hot seating in English!

Practising Our Throwing and Catching Skills

Forest School Fun!

We made a natural loom using a y-shaped stick, then wrapped wool around it. We had already collected lots of interesting natural objects, of different shapes, sizes  and shades and wove them onto the loom.

Year 1 Celebrate the Oscars in Style!

Forest School Fun!

This week in Forest School, we made nature-inspired clay animals, influenced by our learning in science - where we’ve explored different types of animals and their characteristics.  The children had great fun and really took their time to shape their animals, using their hands and different tools and then brought them to life with natural objects such as twigs, feathers, leaves, flowers and conkers! I think you’ll agree they did a fabulous job! 

 Music in Year 1

History: Learning about life a long time ago and comparing it with our own

Year 1 learn about the brain...

Kingfisher Class create Mood Monsters 

Local History: We explored the history of George Andrew and Etherow Country Park. We looked carefully at photos from the past and identified changes between then and now.

Geography: Finally we drew an aerial view of Etherow Park based on our new knowledge. 

National Day of Reflection



Today we took part in a virtual whole school assembly to reflect on the events of the last year and the tragic loss many people have experienced.


We also talked about what activities we enjoyed and positive experiences we have had this year and created a collage, labelling it with our happy memories

Year One enjoy Red Nose Day


Forest School Fun!

Wonderful Wednesday 

Watch the slide show below to find out about our wonderful Wednesday. We took part in a live science show and watched an egg hatch! We learnt about the life cycle of a chicken and how an incubator works. Did you know that some chickens have blue skin? Then we designed and made our own incubators. 
We also transformed ourselves into innovators to design and make our very own Robo-Bugs. Each bug had to have a special skill and be perfectly designed for it’s environment. 

Puffin Class design their very own Robo-Bugs!

Tuesday Team Games!

We are back together!

Today, Year 1 all returned to school. We had a wonderful day playing and learning together. We enjoyed working in teams, outdoor quizzing and just having some fun!

Key Worker School

Here are a few examples of our learning at school 

Story Mapping ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’

Circle Time 22/2/21 

What was your favourite activity in the holiday?

2.2.21 Maths: Working together to add by making ten

The Last Week of Autumn Term

Kingfisher Class have had a wonderful week doing all things Christmassy. From making decorations, Christmas crackers, Santa’s workshop & Sleigh, Christmas cards, enjoying Christmas dinner in their fabulous jumpers, playing Christmas party games and even a guest appearance from a special visitor on an unusual mode of transport! 
Puffin Class Get Busy for Christmas!

kingfisher class 4th - 11th December 2020



This week has had a very Christmas theme. We have explore ordering Advent boxes, played a Christmas Tree phonics game and built Santa’s workshop. We have also continued active phonics and learnt about significant women in aviation. What a busy week!

kingfisher Class learn about Advent


Today, Kingfishers learnt all about the meaning of Advent. They began to understand which religion celebrates  this special times, why it is called Advent and why many churches are decorated with wreaths holding 5 candles. The children then created a paper version of the Advent wreath. Please have a look at a few of the photographs below:

Puffin Class

Winning Ways to Wellbeing 

Learning about Diwali

Puffin Class

Art to Remember in Puffin Class

Science in Nature- Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Class Learn about Remembrance Day

Puffin Class Enjoy Maths and Computing Week!

Maths & Computing Week - Kingfisher Class
Forest School Thursday in Year 1!

Maths in Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Class and Puffin Class meet ‘The Big Bad Wolf’

Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st October 

English DEAL ( Dramatic Engagement Active Learning)

This week we immersed ourselves in the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs. We started the week by making a class story map. Everyone talked a little about their knowledge of the story. We then discussed if the wolf was really a bad wolf. The question “Was the wolf actually bad?” was asked. Children then placed themselves along an opinion line and some children were asked to explain their reasoning for their choice - agree, disagree or not sure. The next session welcomed a special visitor to the classroom, none other than...The Big Bad Wolf! The children asked their pre-prepared questions and heard the wolf’s version of the story. They thought carefully about what the wolf had said and for the second time, they placed themselves on the opinion line. Many children had changed their minds! Session 3 introduced the class to the idea of a ‘freeze frame’. In small groups they were given a scenario from the story. They then had 10 minutes to work as a team to create a tableaux showing the scenario. When everyone was ready, each group showed their tableaux to the class, who had to guess which part of the story it was. Our final session challenged each child to retell and write the story in their own words. 

Kingfisher class love nature!


Kingfisher Class

Puffin Class
Forest School Thursday in Year 1!

Kingfisher class are bird experts!


Forest School Thursday in Year 1!
Puffin Class

Kingfisher Class

Even at playtime we are find lots of learning about the natural world!

Circle Time - Thinking about friendships

We all love reading and sharing a book together.

Forest School Thursday in Year 1!
Puffin Class
Puffin Class
Forest School Thursday in Year 1!
Puffin Class
Kingfisher Class 
Kingfisher class are off to a great start! The children are enjoying being back at school and joining in all of our activities. They have learnt all about Kingfishers, developed their skills in P.E, Investigated questions and solved problems.The children have explored nature through a scavenger hunt and created nature art. Have a look at the photographs below...
Puffin Class


What a fabulous start to Year 1 the puffins have made!