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Summer 1st Jack and the Beanstalk

We had lots of fun celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee

We chopped the beanstalk down during Forest Thursday.

We helped the giant halve his coins!

We have enjoyed lots and lots of Jack and the Beanstalk activities so far this term...

Leaf whopping!

This week our learning in maths has been focused on doubling. We enjoyed lots of different doubling activities including butterfly doubles, hunting for double dominoes and doubling the giants breakfast! 

We were inspired by Sri Lankan artist Senaka Senanayake to create our own beanstalk rainforest pictures 🌲🌳🌱

Fi Fee Fo Fum!

Forest Thursday

We used the potato peelers to whittle sticks. We then used them to toast marshmallows over the fire. 🔥🙂

We had a try at using the potato peelers to whittle sticks. We listened carefully about tool safety and made sure that we were super careful.

To 20 and beyond!

This week we began our narrative immersion by meeting Jacks mum. She told us that she is very poor and needed some ideas about how to cheer Jack up and celebrate his birthday. We played party games, designed birthdays cakes, practised reading our Phase 3 words on birthday cards, counted candles and lots more!